Tuesday, October 18, 2011

I Keep Forgetting...

...how MUCH newborns/infants sleep during the day and night. I'm still in older baby/toddler mode and thinking I need to stimulate Brax a bit more and not let him sleep so much. And then I remember.

...how FUNNY their little billy-goat squeals and cries are when they're hungry, cranky, stinky, or wet. And then I remember.

...how AMAZING it is to snuggle with a sleeping baby and hear the little coos. And then I remember.

...how GREAT Johnson's baby lotion smells on a clean baby. And then I remember.

...how TIRED yet GIDDY I am in a sleep-deprived state. And then I remember.

...how AWESOME my hubs is with infants, dipe changes, and everything in between. And then I remember.

...how GRACIOUS family and friends are with the prayers, encouragement, meals, gifts, time, and everything else we've been spoiled with in these recent days after Brax's arrival. And then I remember.

...how INCREDIBLE the Lord's creation is - and then I take a look at my sweet baby boy and wonder how anyone could deny God's presence in this world. And then I remember.

Sure, there are things that I'd rather keep forgetting (every 2-3 hour feedings, tired beyond belief, that "soreness" only women experience in the hours and days post-delivery, etc etc). But what's the fun in thinking about those?!

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Amieheide said...

So true Amy!! What an awesome time in your life! Praying for you and Jack! :) God is so amazing and what a miracle life is, it shows the power of God our father and creator!