Sunday, October 9, 2011

We Have a Nursery!

Waveland's nursery has been a work in progress since Labor Day. My dad kicked things off as he painted our boring old cream-colored office walls a bright and cheerful Riviera Blue. I have to admit - I was a bit nervous that first night I came in and saw the glossy blue color on the walls. But once we added the furniture and bedding, it really took on a nice look.

Our office is by far the smallest room in the house. It's a good thing this little guy is a boy - especially with the pee-wee closet in this room.

With Mackie's room, I wanted to paint some Bible verses on canvases. I loved how they turned out - plus, they were an affordable way to decorate the room - so I decided to do them again for Wave's room. Here are the two Bible verses Jack and I selected. They hang above the dresser/hanging table.

My sweet (and very crafty!) friend, Dana, made a string of fabric penant flags that hangs above Wave's crib. I need to get another close-up shot. It works perfectly with the bedding!

A glimpse of the closet. I don't even want to open the door because it's so small! Again, good thing he's a boy as Mackie's shoes and accessories alone would take up half of the closet space! hehe

Now the only thing missing in our nursery? A sweet baby boy!

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