Wednesday, October 19, 2011

What a Guy!

I don't brag on my hubbie near enough. He's an amazing Christian man. An amazing husband. An amazing daddy. And an amazing worker who is dedicated and loyal. (He gets his strong work ethic from his parents, I'm quite sure!)

Jack goes above and beyond to provide for our family - and then some. And I'm definitely spoiled. Case in point: Yesterday, a Facebook friend mentioned that times have changed since she had her babies. After baby was born, her husband dropped her off and then went straight to work.

I'm beyond blessed that Jack can take some time off of work to help out as we make the leap from a family of three to four. He didn't think twice about doing it - he simply said "that's what sick days are for." He's also one that jumps right in for diaper changes (even after late night feedings!) and last night he took over rocking/swaddling duties as our little guy was fussy and not wanting to go to bed right away.

Jack is heading back to work tomorrow. He'll take a few days off here and there in the next two weeks to assist, but man am I going to miss him home! While I'm thankful and very appreciative of my mom, mother-in-law, and other friends and family helping out, there's something about having hubbie at home that is much more comforting.

Love you, babe! Thanks for all that you do to support our family.


Lindsay said...

Sniff sniff. Way to go Jack! I have to say, this is especially refreshing to hear after I've been totally burdened this weekend with WAY too many marriages that just aren't good - and a lot of it has to do with the men not stepping up, so KUDDOS Jack, you're being an awesome example not only to your family and kids, but to your co-workers and those whom you are unaware are watching you!

Mrs. Villmer said...

I hear you! My hubs went back to work yesterday after a week with jane and me...I SO miss him! It is much nicer having daddy home. But alas, we must be responsible adults and make money to live. Bleh. :)