Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Why Pregnancy Rocks...Because Right Now it Stinks

At this stage in pregnancy, it's very easy to complain and talk about why pregnancy isn't glamorous and why I'm tired of it. But, being that this is 99.9 percent most likely my last pregnancy and final days (or perhaps hours?! wishful thinking!), I want to reflect on the joys from my two pregnancies.

Why Pregnancy Rocks!
- Baby movement: There's nothing like feeling your sweet babe move for the first time. It's a feeling that can't be described and only you and the baby share. It's comforting, breathtaking, exciting, all wrapped into one.

- Indulgences: I seem to indulge more when pregnant (honestly, what preggo mama doesn't?!). I found myself eating more sweet treats (ice cream!) and we've been hitting the Hutch restaurant scene (hello, Ken's!) more frequently these last few weeks. Yes, I maintain a healthy diet and exercise regimen while pregnant but I definitely cave into some tasty temptations. Why not?!

- Bathrooms: It's the only time I'm bold enough to not think twice about using the men's restroom when the women's is closed or being used. This frequently happens at Kwik Shops (they're really just as clean as the ladies' rooms), Starbucks (again, pretty clean), and once at a restaurant (not so clean).

- Others' Willingness to Help: I didn't take advantage of this quite so much with Mackie, but I'm definitely more appreciative and willing to ask for help this go-round. People - family, friends, co-workers - are very helpful to this pregnant mama, offering to watch Mackie here and there, help with the work load, or simply remind me to take it easy. Jack's been a GEM and takes over Mackie duty the minute he walks in the door, plus helps out a BUNCH with the everyday up-keep of our home. (not that he didn't do that before, but he's more demanding that I take it easy and not help him - what a guy!)

- Excitement of Upcoming Arrival: There's nothing like the giddiness and anticipation of expecting the new babe. I'm definitely feeling it this go-round. Perhaps it's the doctor's prediction of possibly "any day now?" That and I'm excited to see Mackie's reaction to her baby brother (ask me that in a few weeks when he's actually here and she's throwing temper tantrums!) and Jack's reaction to holding his son. There's something about a baby that makes time stand still (and move fast all at once), where family and friends can ignore everything going on around them and just love on a new little one.

That said, I'm definitely ready to not be pregnant anymore. We're just (trying) to be patient and savor these last few days as a family of three!


Courtney Gill said...

Awww this made me get all teary. Great to be reminded of all the positives of pregnancy - even after the fact!

Aunya Cameron said...

Only 2 Conkling babies? Definitely not enough! I'm rooting for that .01%. Breeding for Buhler is one of my husband's favorite topics, and the chances of you guys producing atheletes is quite high :)