Sunday, November 13, 2011

Braxton Cade: One Month Old!

Dear Braxton,

Where on earth did this entire first month go? Hard to believe you're entering your second month of life already. You have brought complete joy to our lives. I'm amazed at how you round out our family. You're the laid-back one who goes with the flow of this crazy household (and you're crazy sister). Here's what has been going on in recent days:

- We took you to the doctor last week (at three weeks) already - sigh! You caught a nasty cold from your sister and did not breathe very well. This made for some (even) longer nights as you were raspy, barky, and snarfly. Mommy and daddy were very concerned....and mommy can't help but wonder if you're going to be back in the dr a lot this winter?! Let's pray and hope not. I suppose this comes with being born in the middle of a severe drought, flu season, and having a sister who loves to give you kisses and be in your face constantly.
- We moved you in the crib at three weeks, but then you developed your nasty cold and it moved you to your bouncy seat. We moved you back to the crib this week and so far, so good! Mommy cried when she left you in your big crib in your big room all by yourself, but is getting used to you not being close by. It's good for the both of us!
- You are definitely a different eater than your sister. I never, ever had to use a burp cloth on your big sis. You? All the time! You are prone to spit up after feedings. Nothing major, though the first few spews I thought something was wrong as I wasn't used to spit up. We think you may have a small case of reflux as you're a gulper, a gasper, and gassy, plus we have to keep you vertical after most feedings for at least 15 minutes. Let's hope you grow out of this soon!
- You eat every 2 1/2 hours or so during the day and you're still working on giving us a longer stretch at night. Earlier this week you gave us 4 to 4 1/2 hour stretch at night, but then fell back to a 3-hour stretch last night. We're still working on night-time feedings - and mommy is praying and hoping (again) that you start sleeping for longer stretches. It'll be good for all of us - you, mommy, and daddy (who is awesome and changes your dipe after I finish feeding you!).
- You're working on a nice head of hair - dark hair - and opening those beautiful baby blues more often. You've even smiled a time or two, definitely a highlight!
- You love your big sis and don't seem to mind when she's in your face, swinging you rather forcibly on the baby swing, or giving you constant kisses on the forehead. You didn't even mind (really) when she threw a toy and it hit you on the forehead. I suppose her slobbery kisses and giving you her special froggie ice pack made it feel all better.
- We'll work on scheduling in the coming weeks - as much scheduling as a newborn and toddler allows. It's nice that I'm off the rest of the year on maternity leave, but being a mostly-work-at-home mommy, I've found that scheduling is wonderful when trying to get work tasks done. We'll start slow and work our way to somewhat of a routine that works for you and big sis. 

We love you, little buddy, and can't wait to see more of your personality come out in the coming weeks. We pray that you grow up to be a boy and man who loves Jesus with all of his heart, mind, and soul.

Love you!

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