Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween 2011

This year was the year I was excited to take my kiddos out trick-or-treating. Maybe it's because Mackie is at the age where she gets excited and fully understands that going door-to-door means getting candy. Maybe it's because we live in a rockin' neighborhood and have the wonderful opportunity to enjoy sweet conversations with our neighbors - both near and far - that we normally wouldn't have on a daily basis. Or maybe it's because I was due Oct. 30 and thought we'd be trick-or-treating in the hospital. (I'll go with the last one - it was much more fun taking Brax along in the Baby Bjorn rather than going up and down hospital hallways!)

We started the day off with a trip to grandma's school for their Halloween parade. Grandma dressed as a mad scientist, but didn't scare Mackie away!

By the time Jack came home from work, Mackie was raring to go. She knew after she woke up from her "good nap" that it would be time to go to see the grandmas and Jerry and Mindy (our wonderful neighbors and great family friends who Mackie adores...she woke up yesterday morning asking if we were going to see them yet!).

Here's our little butterfly, probably sweating a bit because I ordered a warm costume. When is it ever 75 degrees on Halloween? I'm not complaining...just wasn't expecting it to be that warm when selecting my toddler's costume. I kept remembering the years of trick-or-treating in the 30-below temps and snow.

Our butterfly and little pumpkin. I think Brax slept the entire time we were out and about!

Our afternoon/evening of Halloween fun kicked off with a trip to grandma and grandpa's, where we not only saw them, but great-grandpa and great-grandma. Mackie and Brax were spoiled with treats and goodies - bracelets, necklaces, marshmallows, candy, and a Care Bears DVD for Mackie; rattle and bibs for Braxton. 

We then went to Hospice House where Grandma Linda works and she spoiled her granddaughter with suckers, goldfish, juice, raisins, and other sweet treats for mommy and daddy. Mackie had the pleasure of visiting some of the Hospice patients and giving them a sweet ray of sunshine - love our little girl and her ability to make others smile!

We then hit our neighborhood for a FUN time of trick-or-treating. We are so thankful that God opened the door five years ago for us to move to our neighborhood. It was a treat seeing all of the kids out and about, going door to door. It was an even sweeter treat chatting with some neighbors and friends whom we haven't seen in a while.

We had a great evening of fun and Mackie experienced her first "real taste" of chocolate when all was said and done. (She's had a few M & M's, but those are just teasers if you ask me!). Jack gave her a Reese's peanut butter cup and she's now hooked. She politely asked me today after lunch if she could have some chocolate. I'll let daddy handle that one!

Oh, and I'd be remiss if I didn't mention our little snafu with Brax's Halloween outfit. Mommy did a GREAT job of keeping him clean and dry all day in his little Halloween costume. Daddy comes home to do a quick dipe change on the babe and magically our son pees on our bed sheets and on his outfit, but has a dry dipe. That takes talent - or a daddy who may not have strapped the dipe on quite right. (hehe!) At least I snapped a pic of him earlier in the day!

Now it's onto the holiday season, the most wonderful time of the year!

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