Wednesday, November 9, 2011

From Mackie's Mouth

Here's what our sports diva has been saying/doing this week:
- "Look at me, daddy! I'm going out for a run like mommy." - said as above pic was taken
- "Holy smokes!"
- "That's disgusting, buddy. Disgusting." - said after watching one of Brax's explosive dipe's being changed
- "Look what I did, daddy!" - said while showing her scissors and a small portion of hair that she decided to cut this evening (no serious damage was done)
- "It's okay, baby brother. You're fine - you're FINE!" - said in the car when Brax is screaming mad hungry. She is sweet to say it the first time, but definitely more annoyed the longer he cries.
- "Dr. Miller, Jayhawks are disgusting." - said to Dr. Miller during an office visit on Monday morning
- "Uncle Jerrod, please bring Max over today. Thanks...okay...bye." - said this morning when on her "cell phone"

And perhaps the sweetest words of all...
"Honor other above yourself...Romans the Bible." -Mackie's version of our weekly Bible verse. I especially enjoyed asking me to "say it again, mommy...say it again."

I'll repeat God's Word with you anytime, sweet baby girl!

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