Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Why I'm Giggling This Week

Mackie: "Mommy, you have a bottom. Daddy has a bottom. But I have a hiney."

Mackie singing "Farmer in the Dell" - it's so off-key, it's hilarious and something I must videotape if the little miss cooperates.

The maternity bills coming our way from the hospital and clinic. (Because giggling is much more nicer than crying when you have a toddler watching your every move.) Who knew having anesthesia would be so expensive? I definitely don't remember it being this high with Mackie. It's one expensive epidural - but sooooooo worth it!

The picture below - it's as if Brax is saying "What's up, homeboys?"

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Lindsay Y. said...

What up Brax!! :-) So cute. And yes, we NEED to hear the Farmer in the Dell! I love toddler talk/singing - it's just too adorable.

Oh yeah....and if you need something to be thankful for - be thankful you didn't have c-sections! I don't think we owned Ella and Jack until they were like two. LOL!