Friday, December 30, 2011

Braxton Cade: 11 Weeks Old!


Can you believe you survived the whirlwind (and germs!) of the holiday seasons?! You have been a champ this week as we carted you around to family celebrations. Remind me how EASY this immobile stage is in the coming months as you start moving around more! 

You're 11 weeks old and getting more and more of a personality each day. Here are some highlights this last week:

- We're starting to develop a routine. Of course, as soon as a routine is established there will be a new one that will develop, but our household works better when there's some sort of loose schedule to follow. Your sleep schedule (usually) goes something like this: wake up around 7 a.m., take a mid-morning cat-nap, take a longer afternoon nap (usually the same time as big sis and even longer - thank you!), take a late afternoon/early evening cat nap, and then you're out for the night between 8:30-9 p.m. You're still a fighter on sleep - usually when you're sleep-deprived - but you're getting better at going down in your crib during the daytime. Thankfully you still sleep like a champ at night in your crib!

- You have a 5.5-7 hour stretch at night and, if you're really sleeping like a champ in the afternoon, go for a 3.5-4 hour stretch. Your other feedings are usually 2.5-3 hours apart.

- You've been to several family gatherings and are snuggly and content as can be with others holding you. We keep hearing how good of a baby you are - very laid back!

- You're starting to giggle, smile, and light up more when you hear familiar voices or the lights come on in the room. I love how you just know mama's voice!

- You've been out and about in the BOB lately with big sis as this mild weather has been welcomed in our household! It means afternoon walks/jogs and just hanging outside before we're trapped indoors during the frigid and icy months of January and February.

- We're no longer squeezing you into Size 1 dipes and you're completely out of all 0-3 month clothes. 

- Each week I try to put you in the Bumbo to test and strengthen your neck muscles. The last few days you're getting the hang of it and not flopping the neck as much - way to go, buddy! 

We love you and pray that you become a man who fears and loves the Lord with his whole heart. Hang in there in the coming days...there will be lots of tears as mommy drops you off to the sitter for the first time and goes back to work after a blissful 11-week maternity leave. You're going to love your sitter - she's the best! - and big sis will be there in case you need a familiar face. 

Love you, little man!

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