Thursday, December 22, 2011

Braxton Cade: Ten Weeks Old!


Whoa, buddy. You're getting too big - and way too fast! You're already 10 weeks old today. I'm so so so thankful that I've been able to stay at home with you these last 10 weeks and snuggle with you (and big sis - she sometimes gets jealous with all of the hugs and kisses!). I can't believe that in 10 days I go back to the work grind. Thankfully I only have to leave your sweet face for two days a week...but that's enough to get me teary-eyed just thinking about it!

In the meantime, I'm excited to have you celebrate your first Christmas and New Year. Here's what you've been up to this last week:

- Each day we get better at a routine. And with this routine comes you wanting to sleep in your crib more during the day and not the swing (most of the time - you're sleeping in the swing as we speak!). Baby boy, let's keep this up and continue getting better! Oh, and if you could go back to sleeping 6-7 hours at night, that would be lovely. For some reason you want to party with mama after just 5 hours. It's a bit tiring.
- You moved up in the dipe world to a Size 2. We have a few Size 1's left and don't want to waste them, so we squeeze you into them. (and then hope you don't leak all over the place)
- After a 10-day poop stand-off, you gave me quite the performance. This resulted in a mid-morning bath. I'll spare the details.
- You're pretty much completely in 3-6 or 6-month clothes these days. Wowza!
Love you, sweet buddy. Keep on growing and staying healthy!


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