Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas Part I: Conkling Christmas

Our Christmas 2011 season began on Christmas Eve, when we hit up Jack's parents house for the Conkling Christmas. It's always a joy to see how the cousins change (and how the families expand) each Christmas. This year we added two new ones to the mix - cousin Riley, who will turn 1 in a week, and Braxton. 

I love how our kids and their cousins are so close in age (total of 8 cousins right now all 5 and under). I love how Mackie and the oldest (and only other girl of the bunch), Lily, interact. Of course that many young kiddos creates quite a stir and craziness - not to mention exhaustion after keeping up with them all day - but we love it. We celebrated with great fellowship, food, gifts, and all filled the pews at Grandma and Papa Conkling's church for Christmas Eve service. A blessed day celebrating Jesus, indeed!

 Mackie and Brax ready to celebrate with the cousins, aunts, uncles, and grandparents.

 Mackie's fun gift from Aunt Abby and Uncle Gavin - Bible songs CD complete with stickers.

 Probably the highlight of Mackie's day - a princess umbrella from Grandma and Papa!

 Mackie's new dress-up outfit - Jack should be careful for what he wishes for!

 Mackie helping daddy open gifts. She wanted to open all of our gifts - not because of what was inside, but to simply tear into the wrapping paper. 

 Silly girl showing off her stocking stuffer.

Perhaps the sweetness of the day - cousin Lily and Mackie showing off their matching dresses and leggings from Grandma. So cute to see their interaction with each other. 
Mackie adores her older girl cousin!

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