Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas Part II: "My Family" Christmas

I titled this the "My Family" Christmas because these are the sweet words of my daughter. When the four of us are together, Mackie often looks at us and says (with a sweet excitement in her voice) - "You're my family. Mommy, daddy, Baby Braxton, and me. We're a family." So sweet!

We kicked off our family celebration on Christmas morning. I think Jack and I were more excited than the kids were, as I woke up and went out for a nice, reflective run. When I came back Jack was also up and ready to get the festivities started. We poked our heads in Mackie's room and, sure enough, she lifted her head up with a sweet smile. We read the Christmas story out of her "My Storybook Bible" - highly, highly recommend this book, as they connect Jesus and Scripture to every.single.story. Plus the illustrations are amazing! 

We explained to Mackie - as we have done all season - that it was Jesus's birthday and we were celebrating His arrival on this earth to save our sins (I'm amazed at how she connects this - it's never too early to start!). We then talked about why we were going to exchange gifts.

Our big highlight of the gift exchange was the new mini-trampoline that we bought for Mackie. We strategically shopped for a gift that could be used to expend energy during the cold winter months, when going outside (or really anywhere for that matter) would not be an option. I searched and searched online and scoured the deals, and was thrilled when one on Amazon popped up for a low price I couldn't pass up! (I'll post the "reveal" video later - too cute!)

Perhaps the most exciting part of the day was going to church that morning. There's something about Christmas Day service that is simply incredible!

Here are some highlights from our Christmas morning:

 Daddy and Mackie before our gift exchange.

 Mackie and Mommy enjoying a break between opening presents.

 Once again, Mackie enjoyed opening gifts. I think the thrill is ripping paper - who wouldn't love that?! She really enjoyed opening gifts for her brother. She may be in for a rude awakening next year when he realizes he can do it himself!

 Brax's first Christmas - just hangin' out!

 Our two Christmas blessings. 

 My sweeties! (disregard the tired mommy eyes - baby feedings and an early morning run aren't great for eye wrinkles! haha)

 Mackie showing Brax his gift. Each time she would open a gift, she'd excitedly show him.

Our sweeties before church. We loved, loved, LOVED going to church on Christmas morning - wish we could have Christmas fall on a Sunday every year! It just set the tone for the day...not to mention we had a wonderful message from Pastor Rick. 

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