Wednesday, December 7, 2011

When Mommy Is Sick

Thank goodness I'm not sick too often - I think God gives mommies a higher immune system (or is it toughness?!) because He knows things just aren't the same when we're down and out.

The last few days have been the case. Let's rewind to last Sunday, when I started getting flu-like symptoms. Aches, chills, and couldn't get comfortable because of the pains in my body. At first I thought it was just a round of the flu, but in the back of my head thought it could be mastitis - and then other symptoms started happening that totally justified this was the case. I didn't worry too much, as I was having my 6-week post-pregnancy appointment the following day and I could confirm with the doc. I woke up Monday morning a new woman - but still told Dr. Cullan about my troubles. He prescribed me pencillan, an expensive cream (one that wasn't covered by insurance - doesn't that always seem to be the case?), and told me to do what I already had been doing - lots of fluids and frequent rounds of nursing/pumping.

Week continued and mastitis symptoms went away, but other girl-symptoms started occurring (I'll spare you the details). And this Sunday, at about the exact time I experienced my first round of mastitis, the flu-like symptoms came back in full force. I couldn't move. The aches and chills were so strong that my entire body was in a weakened state. I could barely muster enough energy to nurse my baby boy, let alone pump (looking back I don't know how I did it, but I did - the things you do for your babe!). Pumping and nursing were even starting to become very painful on the one side where I had the infection. I also developed a high fever of 101.6 and it kept getting higher. By the time I went back to the doc on Monday it was 102 degrees.

I went to the doc this Monday in a desperate state. After waiting for 90 minutes, I finally saw him, practically delirious and in tears because I was hurting and feeling terrible. I had to do an ultrasound on my breast to rule out an absess (thank God I didn't have one!). I was sent home with two new drugs and a prescription for more rest.

Three days later and I feel like I'm among the living. I go back this afternoon for a follow-up appointment and will hopefully address some other  issues that weren't addressed on Monday when I was so sick. Praise God I have a husband who loves His wife and family so much and sacrificed his own work/coaching schedule to play nurse to me and watch our kiddos while I was out of commission. Not only did he do that, but he also picked up the house, did the laundry, and kept up with our dishes. I think he's a bit relieved to go back to his normal routine of work and basketball practice today!

Being sick makes me thank God over and over again for being healthy 99 percent of the time. Because I can't imagine being sick like this more than a few times a year. It just plain stinks.

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