Friday, January 20, 2012


Buhler has its own game photographer - by that I mean our head coach's wife, Kristie. She's amazing with the camera and is at everything, snapping away! I'm loving her "shots around the gym" this year that she posts on facebook. I'm glad one of us can have an empty arm to take pics...because I think my hands are going to be full the next few years! :)

Here are the latest shots from the last home game we attended. I love the expressions of both Mackie and Brax. 

Mackie: A sucker AND a lady with a camera asking me to smile?! A dream come true!
Brax: Take pics of the crazy girl they call my sister. I've got gas. 

Mackie: I think I'll smile bigger just to show you how cute I really am.
Brax: You're crazy, sis. You think you're in charge now, but just wait in a few years.

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