Friday, January 20, 2012


Lately my heart has been fluttering with giddiness. Here's why:
- Both kids are down taking naps and I can have precious work time. (Happening right now, too!)
- Rocking my sweet boy and my daughter wants to join in. There's something so comforting about an overcrowded rocking chair.
- Opportunities and partnerships at work. We're going through some changes and transitions right now. My boss is retiring this spring. We have legislation going to Topeka to make sure we remain an independent recreation commission (long story!). I'm so over getting worried and worked up about it, which is why I'm pressing on and working on building up Hutch Rec's presence in our community. Hutch needs Hutch Rec. 'Nuf said.
- A brisk run in the single-digit temps. There's something invigorating about braving the elements and pounding the pavement.
- Our small group meeting up again. We took off for the holidays and it was such a blessing to start up again last night. God has placed some pretty amazing people in my family's lives!

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