Monday, January 23, 2012

When Mama's Away....

I'm leaving Brax overnight  for the first time this week (and Mackie for only about the 8th time in her young life) and heading to Topeka for a work conference. I enjoy this annual conference but have to say I'm already dreading the time away from my babes (oh, and hubs!).

Of course mommy going away wouldn't be complete without daddy having his own busy week. It's tournament week for the varsity team, so Jackson is going to be a superstar when I'm away, acting as daddy (and mommy), teacher, and coach. Thank goodness for the sitter and for grandma!

And thank goodness for to-do lists! I know it's much, much, much more work to leave my kidlets and instruct hubs (and my mom) about the ins and outs of the day. I've already e-mailed them instructions once and have been working on a second e-mail specifically for hubs to line out what all he needs to do each night after picking up the kids from the sitter and preparing them for the next day. (Am I nuts?!) I've even made it easy on the guy and purchased his (icky) frozen pizza so he can pop one in the oven to feed him and Mackie after he has worked all day and coached all late afternoon/early evening.

Of course he'll do a fab job - and so will my mom. But of course I'll be calling and texting every night (or every other hour) to check in.

Time to step away, Amy.!

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