Sunday, February 19, 2012

Differences Between #1 & #2

(Besides pee and poop, for all of you "sick" little minds out there... :)

Baby #1 - Mackie: Nursing sessions included setting up my Boppy, rocking chair, and were solely focused on the sweet babe for the 20-30 minutes it took.
Baby #2 - Braxton: Nursing sessions are a quick 10-15 minute chow-fest that are typically done on-the-fly - all while helping sister go potty, mommy go potty, taking laundry out of the dryer, putting laundry into the dryer, etc etc. Checking work e-mail is usually thrown into the mix, too.

#1: When Mackie became older and wailed in her crib, I'd check on her a million times and eventually let her wail it out (10-15 minutes seemed to take forever!)
#2: Brax has started to develop quite a wail during naps this week. While I try to shush him and rub his tummy, I eventually give in after 10-15 minutes for fear that he'll wake up his sister during her afternoon nap. Off to the swing he goes, where he dozes off. (I cringe for the day we can no longer do this and I'm left with two wailing, sleepless kids!). Stinker.

#1: I had a nice routine of disinfecting everything - especially when Mackie started putting everything in her mouth!
#2: When's the last time that paci was even rinsed off?

#1: Throughout the day I'd make sure to gulp down plenty of water and enjoy a cup (or two!) of mostly decaf coffee.
#2: Still drinking the water, but definitely upping the coffee consumption these days. Mostly decaf has slowly turned into half-caff or less than half-caff. Throw a Diet Coke in there every so often for good measure, too.

#1: If Mackie would spit up (a rarity) or slightly pee through a dipe, I'd completely change her and rinse her off with a damp washcloth. It didn't matter if we were out the door or not - I couldn't have my babe with pee on herself!
#2: Take the "pee is sterile" approach and simply use a baby wipe to swipe up the mess. If the onesie isn't soaked, it's not coming off. I have enough laundry these days.

#1: Sweat pants and t-shirts were the usual attire on those days at home - even if I would take trips to Target, the grocery store, or a drop-in at work.
#2: No differences there - except I have more shoulder "accessories" - spit up and slobber.

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