Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day!

Who needs chocolates or flowers when you can get an iPhone? 

And who needs chocolates or flowers when you can get Starbucks? In a super duper cute cup that they have just for the special heart day. (Starbucks, you're on to something here!)

My sweetie spoiled me with both things for Valentine's Day this year. He purchased me (well, I actually did the ordering online) with an iPhone (it's a combo V-Day/Mother's Day gift) and then this morning went out bright and early to buy me a cup o' joe from my favorite coffee joint. It was waiting for me when I stumbled in to work on my laptop this morning, along with a poem. Jack's poems beat a card any day!! (and I'm a HUGE card lover...I'd take only a card for any holiday with a hand-written note inside). Jack used to write me poems all the time when we were first dating. It was so cute. I briefly mentioned this to him a few days ago, not even thinking anything of it at the time. What an observant hubbie I have!

Perhaps the highlight, though, came at 7 a.m. this morning, when he woke our daughter up and treated her to a Valentine's Day breakfast picnic in her bedroom, complete with monkey bread, milk, and cute little apple slices he cut into hearts. He also penned this Valentine for her.....

The guy knows how to take care of his girls! (side note: Brax didn't get left out of the mix - mommy enjoyed lots of sweet snuggles this morning along with getting him a box of rice cereal ...because it's about that time to start solid food!)

And of course I gave other little treats to Jackson and the kidlets. I'm all about giving "fun" little gifts that are inexpensive and we wouldn't normally purchase. Something fun to make the day that much brighter!

Happy Heart Day!

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