Monday, February 6, 2012

Life With #2 Means...

...exponentially more laundry. (didn't notice a huge increase when Mackie was added to our mix)

...exponentially more dirty dishes and constant dishwasher loading/unloading. (and the babe isn't even eating solids yet!)

...exponentially more tiredness. (Brax actually sleeps better than his sis at this age, but there's no slowing down or taking it easy once 7 a.m. hits and the diva wakes up)

...exponentially more "mommy brain" moments. (Think: scatter-brained, with projects and to-do lists taking over my already scattered brain!)

...exponentially more stuff-than-you'll-ever-dream-of to pack in a car for a simple day-long road trip.

...exponentially more planning when going out. (how do families with more than two kids even do it?)

...exponentially more days at home, just living the easy life with our comfty little routines that we're starting to master. (Because, really, is it even worth dragging the kidlets by myself all over Hutch's creation? Not really - unless it's Target, a basketball game, or errands that can be done mostly by drive-thru. Of course I'll get my "get up and go" mo-jo back...but it's winter).

...exponentially more love than I ever imagined.


Kristen said...

So true Ames...even the smallest errands turn into a big ordeal (at least in the winter) and the amount of laundry is unbelievable...but's it's certainly worth it!

Lindsay Y. said...

True, true, and true. Now instead of not WANTING to go get groceries with the kids, a big grocery trip is not even POSSIBLE when I have them all...where do you put the food?! Ha! So midnight shopping trips it is...