Sunday, February 5, 2012

Purp...Get Ready to Roll!

On Saturday we took a few road trips.....

First, to cousins (twins) Max and Lincoln's birthday party in Wichita. It was a fun, pirate-themed party, complete with a sword cake, a dragon cake, and a pinata. (Jerrod and Rashelle definitely know how to host a party!)

We then took off for Manhattan and the K-State women's basketball game vs. #1 Baylor. 

 Brax, ready to cheer on the Cats!

We met up with Jack's basketball girls and coaches. They were able to snatch some pretty awesome seats...we were about three or four rows up from court side! 

 My sweeties sporting their purple!

And while the ladies didn't win, our trip to the Octagon of Doom was complete with visits from friends, plenty of Wabashing, and the K-State Fight Song (which Mackie gleefully sang!). And of course we can't forget Willie! Special thanks to our friend, Sarah, who happens to be a cheerleader, for getting us the Willie hook-up. 


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