Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Braxton Cade: Five Months Old!

Dearest Braxton (aka: Brax, Brax-man, chubby little man),

My how much you've changed in one month! Not only have you kept on growing those leg chunks (love, love, love!), but you've also been keeping us on our toes in the sleep department. Here's what has been going on this past month:

- Sleep Regression: My sweet little boy, for some reason two weeks ago you decided sleep was overrated during the day AND during the night. (sigh) You're at least consistent with your lack of sleep: you typically take a 45 minute morning nap and wake up, and go down nicely for your afternoon nap only to wake up 45 minutes into it. (see the trend?) You fight going back to sleep in the afternoon unless you're put in your swing or are rocked for a few minutes. We're letting you cry it out more as we now see the need and will simply tell big sis to go back to sleep when she wakes up to your wailing.

Sometimes you'll go down for a cat nap at night, but it's definitely few and far between. At night, you wake up 4.5-5 hours after going down. This happens EVERY night! (making it around 12:30-1 a.m.) You don't need to eat and will usually go back down after a few minutes of rocking or re-swaddling/rubbing your tummy and soothing you. You then wake up an hour or so later to eat, and then another 3-4 hours later to eat. You're not a newborn, son, so there's no reason to sleep like one. :)

The main thing is that you have really started to get out of your swaddle and your moving arms wake you up. Your sis had the same problems I seem to recall - but I let her cry it out (I didn't fear waking anyone else up). Ah, the differences between #1's and #2's.  We'll keep trucking along and try everything we haven't done already (and it seems like we've tried everything!).

- Food: You started rice cereal last week and love it! I've already made it a bit thicker than suggested as you weren't really getting the super runny texture. You like it a bit thicker (it is easier and less messy to eat!) and I love how you're such a big boy at the table now when we eat dinner. I won't start you on sweet potatoes and other fun veggies/fruits until later this month or around Easter time. There's no rush in my opinion (though I love, love, love the baby food-making stage!). You nurse 6x a day and are my speed eater. Typically you eat longer at night, but during the day you're done in about 10 minutes tops.

- Movement: As you can see from the pic above, you're mastering the exersaucer and are such a big boy standing up in it. I think we'll probably bring up the Johnny Jump-Up soon so you can enjoy that while mommy works away in the kitchen. You still love your Bumbo and are into the fun game of dropping your keys or anything else a million times in a minute so mommy or sister can pick them up. You enjoy tummy time (much better than your sis ever did) and are Superman'ing it, swaying back and forth like you want to roll from tummy to back. But we're really impressed with the fact that you may roll back to tummy in no time, either, as you like to roll to your side when you're on your back. I sometimes worry that you're slow at rolling, but have to keep reminding myself not to compare you to your big sis or other babies. You'll get there in due time!

- Other highlights: You went in for your first sickness two weeks ago (ironically, when the sleep regression started!) for croup. Nothing a steroid shot and some Tylenol plus lots of cuddles couldn't fix. There are days when you're a drooling machine and love to suck on your hand to the point where it's super red and chapped. I'm thinking you might sprout teeth much earlier than the 11-month mark when your sis finally did.

You're such a happy baby that people think we're nuts when we tell them how you struggle with sleep. Everyone always comments how your eyes light up and you start grinning from ear to ear when we walk into a room. Keep up that charm, little man.

Braxton, you're such a blessing to us. I pray that you become a man who loves and serves the Lord with your entire heart and that you are a leader and light to this world.

Love you, love you, love you!

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