Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Don't Let His Cuteness Fool You

This little guy likes to give his mommy, daddy, and anyone else who makes him take a nap a very hard time between the hours of 9-10 a.m. and 12:30-4 p.m. We fight. We (attempt) to conquer. We fight again. We (finally) give up. He conquers. (and trust us, we've tried it all!)

You wouldn't know that he battles us so much just by looking at him. So many people comment how happy and congenial Brax is around others. Yes, he is. Just don't try to get him to nap these days. Otherwise you'll see the other side of him. (We're going on Week #3 of Battle: Naptime - and I thought his sis was a fighter!)

We're going to keep battling and fighting through this difficult sleep stage. I don't believe that babies don't need naps during the day or that he's rested after a 20-minute power nap (he wakes up screaming and upset - that right there is a pretty good indicator that he's still tired).

It could be so much worse, I keep telling myself. He'll eventually give in, I tell myself. And someday I'm gonna miss it. But for now - please little guy, let's go back to napping. You need it. Trust me.

(Side note: Don't you LOVE those leg chunks?! I could squeeze and kiss them all day long if I didn't have a gazillion other things to do!).

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