Monday, March 5, 2012

Monday Munchies

On a whim today, we decided to let Brax-man try a taste of rice cereal for the first time. This is so unlike me! I usually am one to plan it out - to the hour - and base it around nap time and feeding time. I must be super tired and getting more and more laid back by the day as I care for two sweet babes. 

So here he is....we actually didn't feed him in the high chair, but I needed both arms today and this was the closest thing to plop him down in. Isn't he cute? And doesn't he look so grown up?! (tears)

And not 10 minutes later, big sis thought brother's tray looked a little bare. So she decided to entertain him a bit with (almost) everything in the small toy box.

Brax-man loved the cereal after a few different attempts with the spoon. And Jack and I did remember to break out the video camera to capture the milestone. Let the feeding frenzy begin! (I really do love the baby food stage...really. Call me weird, but I love menu planning and making my own baby food. But that will come much later down the road, after rice cereal is mastered).

Happy (manic) Monday!

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