Sunday, March 11, 2012

Running Tales

Yesterday I ran my first race post-Brax. He'll be 5 months old this week and I decided it was time to do a little tune-up race in the form of a local 10K. As I was walking back to my car post-race, I chuckled while thinking about the differences between running in my various phases of life.

Here goes:

Races pre-kidlets: Jack always joined me - and typically ran beside me although he could blow me and a lot of other people out of the water on any given day. The night before I would lay out my running outfit for the race, double-checking I had everything I needed. I would set two alarms - the clock and my phone - and triple-check them to make sure they would go off at the appropriate time. We'd wake up plenty early (before the triple-checked alarm clock even went off) and take our time getting up and around and some fuel in our stomach for the miles ahead. We'd arrive at least 45 minutes before the race, pick up our packets, do some stretching/light jogs, and make conversation with others we knew.

Races w/Mackie: Jack still accompanied me on some races, but others he'd opt out to take care of Mackie along the course in the BOB stroller. I still laid out my clothes the night before and triple-checked my alarm clock. In the morning, after the alarm clock actually went off, I would take a few minutes to get out of bed (the little miss typically wore me out the day before!) and venture off to find something to nibble on in the car as Jack drove us to our destination. We'd arrive in plenty of time before the race but it was consumed with one last nursing session before the race, getting her set up in the stroller, and me trying getting upset that I hadn't charged my iPod Shuffle the night before.

Races w/two kidlets: Now I only have this one experience, but I have to tell you - it's WAY different already! I stared at the huge pile of clean laundry in our bedroom late Friday night and didn't have the energy to search for any of my racing gear. I went to bed only to wake up at midnight, 2:30 a.m., 5 a.m., and again when the alarm went off at 7:15 a.m. due to feedings and a boy who decided this week to go on a sleep stand-off (and wake up big sis in the process). My goal was to get out the door by 8 for a 9 a.m. start time on Saturday. I nursed the babe, found a clean sports bra with some other running gear at the bottom of the pile, grabbed my keys, iPod, phone, and a Larabar to scarf down with some water while driving. Finally left the house by 8:20 and arrived at race destination just after 8:30 - enough time to pick up my packet, talk with a few friends, and get to the start line. It wasn't even worth getting the two kidlets out and about, so Jack stayed home with them - so no cheerleading section. Soon after I crossed the finish line (in 51:09 by the way - a great time for my slow and post-preggo body!), I grabbed some water and snacks (thinking of what ones my daughter would like to steal when I brought them home), and headed to Starbucks for a free venti latte (thank you, Gold card!) before I headed back to the tougher job of taking care of two kidlets.

My, how times have changed. Looking forward to doing some races with my sweetie in the coming months and for our kids to tag along. I sure miss my favorite cheerleaders!

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