Friday, March 16, 2012

This Week At The Conkling Casa....

....Brax decided to start rolling. (hello, mobility!)

....Brax finished off a full week of eating rice cereal (getting closer to those sweet potatoes, bud!)

....Brax continued his usual trend of sleeping great for the first 45 minutes of an afternoon nap and then wake up to battle mommy for an hour or more. (Mommy won the fight Monday and Tuesday....lost a valiant effort on Friday)

....Mackie added a new accessory to her daily skirt and shirt outfit - pink plastic high heels (aka: tiny glass slippers).

....Mackie became insistent on wearing her tiny glass slippers everywhere she went, including bed. Made a deal with her to put them by her bed. She says it's for when "Prince Charming comes in her dreams." (a girl must be prepared!)

....We all made our bracket picks for March Madness.

....Wildcats won their first-round game (I suppose it's officially called the second-round, but I'll save that discussion for another time when I actually have the time to defend why it should still be called first-round).

....Ran my first double-digit long run since Brax was born. (10-miler in the humidity and fog - lovely, but tired now!)

....Jack has been home by 3:30 or 4 p.m. every day. (LOVE this!)

....Jack's enjoying his last few days of being in his 20's. (He'll be THIRTY on Monday!)

....I've taken the kids out in the BOB almost every day and am loving the sunshine and warm temps. (my snow predictions are lessening by the day)

Happy Friday! Hoping for a big Wildcat WIN on Saturday!

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