Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Conkling Week in Review - Phew!

So here's a run-down of the goings-on in this crazy casa we like to call our home:

- Last Friday: Mackie woke up with 103.2 fever, lethargic, and rapid breathing. Made doc appointment but the little miss threw up all over daddy on their way out the door to the appointment. Thought it was a flu bug and "Little Mermaid," "Sleeping Beauty," and sleeping in the big bed (mommy and daddy's bed - ONLY at naps, heavens we'd never get sleep if she slept with us at night!) seemed to do the trick.

- Saturday: Dropped the kidlets off early at grandma and papa's house while Jack and I did our favorite 10K race, the Easter Sun Run, in Wichita, all while dodging pouring rain (thankfully it let up just long enough for us to run!).

- Sunday: Easter at my folks house. Having trouble uploading the pics, thus the absence of an Easter blog. Maybe I'll get around to it this weekend if I'm fortunate? That night, put the little miss to bed with a 101 fever.

- Monday: Called the doc and set up appointments for both kidlets. Dr. Mommy predicted Brax's ear infection from two weeks ago never healed and that Mackie either had a UTI or strep throat (yes, different ends but she was complaining of both hurting!). Never thought we'd walk out three hours later with a diagnosis of Brax having a ruptured ear drum and the little miss having an infection (but not after getting chest x-rays to rule out pneumonia). Also walked out of there with meds and a nebulizer for Mackie's breathing treatments.

- Tuesday: Mackie's crankies came back as she realized she can't watch princess movies all day long in mommy and daddy's bed. Brax thought it would be cool to wake up super duper early and then proceed to be off-schedule and take not-so-great naps the day-after-diagnosis sort of day.

- Wednesday: Mackie's toddler tantrums continued. Brax is on the mend. Daddy was the fortunate one who sacrificed a sick day and was able to witness all of the "joys" of parenthood. (The laundry is completely done, hubs is AMAZING!!)

That's what we've been up to so far this week. What have YOU been doing?! :)

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