Sunday, April 15, 2012

Easter, Part II: Easter Sunday

Easter morning arrived and we were excited to celebrate Christ's resurrection! Jack and I woke Mackie up and when we told her it was Easter morning, she quickly remembered her Bible verse that we had been working on all week: "He is not here, but He has risen!" Luke 24:6. Nothing like those sweet words coming out of your sweet babe's mouth to set the tone for the day!

Here are some snippets of our day!

Braxton opened his super-cool baseball Easter basket. (before trying to break big sis's by sitting in it!) He received some fun baby treats, sandals, and a sunhat for this summer. 

 Mackie was treated to these cute Crayola "safe-for-my-crazy-toddler" scissors, as well as some smoothie pouches, a skirt, and M&M's. 

My Easter sweeties posing with the bunny. Mackie was so excited to wear her dress all week long! She could hardly contain herself when she finally was able to put it on for church.

 My little cheeser getting ready to hunt for eggs at Grandma and Grandpa Preston's house. 
A bit forced of a smile, huh?!

 Look, ma - I found it! Mackie enjoyed hunting eggs at grandma and papa's house with Uncle Andy and his girlfriend, Sydney. 

We enjoyed a wonderful lunch as well as family games and an egg hunt for the big kids while the sweet babes were sleeping. Little did we know that a few hours after we returned home we'd be faced with two really sick kiddos! (who are now - we think - on the mend)

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