Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The Plague: 2012 Edition

I seriously thought we had escaped the sickies this season. It was a mild winter. I kept wondering (and actually hoping) we'd get some type of long, drawn-out freeze with some snow so we could frolic and make snowmen and actually kill all of the germs in the air.

So much for wishing. (and that's a HUGE wish considering I'm not a big fan of winter - at all. Bring on summer, baby!)

That said, we went through October-March with no major sicknesses. And this was with a newborn at home! Brax did go in at the end of February was some croup, but it cleared up in a matter of hours. He then went back to the doc at the end of March for an ear infection, but again, no big deal, right?


Since March 26 (the first "official" day of spring break), we have been to the doctor a total of three times. It's April 17. That's about once a week, friends! (not to mention we're going back to the doc next week for a well-baby check-up - frequent flyer miles to the Hutchinson Clinic, anyone?!)

Brax's ear infection never healed from our visit on March 26. Last Monday (April 9), we went back to the doc with both kids and found out his ear drum had ruptured and was put on different meds. Big sis, meanwhile, was checked out for pneumonia with a chest x-ray (came back clear) but was put on breathing treatments and drugs.

We walked out happy that there were solutions to both problems (ie: drugs and treatments!) and that we were going to conquer the sickies for good.


Mackie "shared" her breathing troubles with her brother. We thought it was simply teeth-related - lots of snots, not eating great, sleeping okay, low-grade fever, etc, etc. But then he developed a cough. And then he started to vomit his ear meds every time we gave them to him. And finally he decided to be a college student and pull an all-nighter with us. It was seriously the toughest.night.EVER in parenting! He literally woke up every 30 minutes from 7:30 p.m.-2:45 a.m. There may have been a stretch between 3-5 a.m. where he didn't wake up, but it all goes together at this point.

Brax-man and I took a visit to good ole Dr. Miller again this morning and walked out with a prescription for a breathing machine and treatment, a new prescription for the ear infection that hasn't healed yet, and steroid to assist with his breathing trouble. We're basically getting treatment for RSV even though doc didn't say 100 percent that it was RSV.

So....we've had the plague for three weeks straight now. I'm really, really, really hoping this is the end of it. It's much too nice out to have sick babies, not to mention mommy and daddy are a wee bit tired these days.

On a side note.... My grandpa landed himself in the hospital last night after heading to the ER with heart pains. On the way, he was involved in a car accident. By God's grace he and the driver of the other car were protected and he sustained minor injuries. Grandpa's heart checked out okay, too, and he's being released later this afternoon.

And on another side note... My mother-in-law is going in later this week to have her knee replaced.

Our family could use some prayer as we deal with these health issues. Reminds me of how great it's going to be in heaven when there is no more body pain and suffering.

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