Saturday, April 21, 2012

This Coming Week I Vow To....

...plan out dinners and the house cleaning schedule.
...make healthy dinners and enjoy them as a family. (Eating while standing and in shifts isn't very fun. Neither are leftovers or sandwiches).
...snuggle with my kids just because I can. (You know, those innocent snuggles instead of those guilty-they're-sick-so-I-need-to-love-on-them-or-else-I'm-a-bad-mommy snuggles) on a new Bible verse with Mackie and find some projects and lessons that compliment the verse.
...make more baby food (hello, applesauce!) and homemade natural cleaners that I've been dying to try.
...continue the "Extreme Spiritual Makeover" Bible study authored by our lovely pastor's wife. I've been plugging away at this study a while now and the end is near!
...write hubs a love note. (He's done A LOT lately in terms of house cleaning, laundry, kid care, late night sick kid duties while I've been balancing a hectic work schedule on no sleep).
...finish my first half-marathon post-Brax. (It won't be the prettiest of ones nor will it feel the greatest, but I cannot wait to cross that finish line next Sunday!)
...savor the last few days with my boss before he retires. The man is a wonderful example of servant leadership and I have learned so much from him!
...find something really tasty and new to make for small group treats.
...start working on a summer schedule.
...go to bed instead of checking my phone for e-mail, Facebook, blog, fill in the blank here, one last time before bed. (It always leads to me staying up way later than I should - or need!)
...drink an extra glass of water each day.
...let my light SHINE for Christ!

It's been a crazy past week here in the Conkling house, one filled with sickness, no sleep, crankies, busy schedules, coming and going, etc, etc. Here's to a new week - one filled with opportunities to love and serve the Lord with gladness!

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Lindsay Y. said...

Amy - I love how you write everything out. And I love that you're working on verses with Mackie - I need to do that with Addie....she soaks that stuff up - especially if I can make it into a song! :-)

Have fun in your half on Sunday!! I think that's SO awesome. I am bummed we are out of town during the Fargo Marathon. I REALLY wanted to try the 5K (yes, snicker all you want) - but baby steps. that would be more like a LARGE step for me.

Here's to feeling better this week and getting into a better routine! You should post your menu plan. Just sayin'. :-)