Tuesday, May 29, 2012

DMV Dilemma

Now I'm not one for "bashing" state government, but I have to say, the state of Kansas has made the driver's license renewal process quite the experience!

About a month ago, I received the lovely yellow postcard in the mail alerting me that it was time to get my DL renewed before my next birthday (which is this Friday). Of course they sent it to me the week before the state offices were closed for a complete overhaul of the system, which was supposed to make the process much more "smoother." (yeah, right!)

I surveyed my friends and talked to my sweet hubs (who had to renew his license in March), and they all suggested a variety of times/days of the week that had little lines: first thing in the morning, Wednesday or Thursday at 10 a.m., etc, etc.

I went in two weeks ago around 10 a.m. and thought I'd take an early lunch. At least 20 people were sitting in chairs. I immediately walked out.

Last week I decided - on a whim - to stop by around 2 p.m. while I was downtown. At least 30 people were sitting in chairs. I immediately walked out.

It was now getting down to crunch time and I couldn't just "go on a fly" anymore. I plotted and planned to wake up Tuesday morning (today), skip my workout (gasp!) and head directly to the DMV before the doors opened at 7 a.m. There were seven people in line before me, waiting at 6:50 a.m. Doors opened shortly after 7 a.m. and they started taking the first two people in line in a matter of seconds. I thought it was GREAT and was already looking forward to having my temp license in hand within the hour.


As soon as the ladies started taking pics of the first two people in line, the computers crashed. A state-wide computer system shut-down.


Apparently this has happened a few times since they so-called "made their computer systems better" earlier in May. The ladies - who I really really feel for as they're the bearers of bad news - told us when it happened last week, it took until 3:30 p.m. to fix the problem.

I decided to hold out for 30 minutes and then thought my time would be better spent with my hubs (who was actually home before going in for a long day of work) and my babies (and kill two birds with one stone as we spent family time together while walking/jogging with the BOB!).

I later decided to drive to McPherson (after getting confirmation that the computer system issue had been resolved) and do my renewal at their DMV office. I walked in to two others in line and walked out in a manner of 20 minutes with my renewal receipt in hand. They were super friendly (or maybe I was just ecstatic to finally be in a line that was moving!).

So for you unfortunate friends who have a DMV renewal coming up....skip the larger counties and go to a smaller one! I think I may still be waiting in line at Hutch. :)

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