Tuesday, May 1, 2012

I Did It!

I ran my first half-marathon post-Brax this past Sunday. It was just over 6 months after he was born and I have to tell you - I really didn't think going into the race that I was all that ready. I was going to finish and do so slow and steady. That was my goal.

I crossed the finish line, however, feeling invigorated! I finished in 1:58:47, under my "lofty" goal time of 2 hours and really under my "okay" goal time of 2:05-2:10. It was pouring rain the entire 13.1 miles - another first racing experience - and I'm soooo glad I did it! There's something to be said when you cross the finish line with your entire body soaking wet, feet weighing a few pounds more due to the water, and your toes a wrinkly, pruny mess the rest of the day.

I told Jack not to worry about taking the kids along (the race was in Wichita), as it was not going to be pleasant...but he wanted to take them! He entertained them for more than 2 hours in the car (thanks to "Sleeping Beauty" DVD, snacks, and games!) and met me at the finish line with big smiles and hugs.

I've said it before, but racing when you have kids is totally different than pre-kids. There's nothing better than high-fiving your preschooler through the car window at the start of the race, only to see her 13 miles later with big smiles and hugs. Love, love, love it!

Here's to some more races this summer and fall. I hope to do a 10K for a fellow running pal's track and cross country team in July and then will probably do the Prairie Fire half-marathon in October in Wichita. Of course I'll "unofficially" be running the Run for the Rocks half-marathon with my fellow race coordinator. Too bad we don't get finisher medals - we probably run it so many times it equals a few marathons!

I've realized that I'm really liking (at this point) the 10K and half-marathon distances. While I would desire to do another marathon or two (or three or so) in the future, it's not going to happen this year. Not when I'm still nursing a sweet baby boy, balancing a hectic work schedule, and several other to-dos on the list. It'll probably (hopefully!) happen next year when I turn the big 30!

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Mrs. Villmer said...

I'm super impressed! Way to go. Also, a little bit jealous :)