Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Braxton Cade: Eight Months and Ear Tubes

This post is serving double-duty - 1. to update you about B-man's ear tube surgery on Monday; and 2. to update you on the goings-on as he starts his 8th month of life!

#1: Ear Tubes
Welp, we made it to Monday morning. I say that with a bit of chuckles as we had a terrible Sunday afternoon. It started out with Mackie waking up from her nap beet-red and body super-warm. Took her temp and sure enough, it was 104.4 degrees. She was treated to a washcloth, our big bed, and "Little Einsteins" and "Mickey Mouse Clubhouse" episodes on the laptop. 

We purposely quarantined her as Brax couldn't get a temperature or any sickness of any kind with his upcoming procedure on Monday morning. We managed to keep Brax healthy (and - knock on wood - stay that way at this point), but not without little miss "coughing" all over daddy right before bed. (poor Jack, he always is the puke target!)

Braxton must have known Monday morning was a big day for him, as he did.not.sleep.at.ALL Sunday night. He literally woke up every hour from the time I did his "last" feeding at 11:30 p.m. until we walked out the door to the surgery center at 5:45 a.m. Sigh. 

 You wouldn't know he didn't sleep a wink with those wide eyes and smiles. Here we are, waiting to get checked in and playing with the great toys! (He's totally my second child, as I would have NEVER allowed Mackie to play with doctor's office germ-infused toys. 
But whatever makes him happy at 6 a.m.!)

This sweet pic just melts my heart. (sorry it cut off!) Little man in his gown, all ready for tubes. (and completely oblivious to the fact of what was going to happen in the next 20 minutes!)

After a few visitors (nurse *2, doc, and anesthetist), the nurse took my little boy in her arms - happy and bubbly, mind you - and politely told me to go out in the waiting area. I sat for literally 15 minutes and soon heard my little boy's wails and cries as the nurse called me back in to console him post-surgery and post-gas mask. 

It was sooooo hard seeing him like that after the procedure! Blood coming out of his ears and a terrible scream and cry, and there was nothing I could do to console him. It was at that moment I wish Jack was with me instead of home with our other sickie. Brax eventually calmed down (when we made it home 15 minutes later) and ate and crashed. He took a great 3-hr nap yesterday, but unfortunately was up at least three times last night, crying because he just couldn't get comfortable.

He's doing much better today and we thank you for your prayers! (for both Brax and Mackie) Mackie's fever finally broke this morning and we're venturing out to Target to celebrate. (getting sick in the summer should be forbidden!)

#2: Brax is 8 months old! (6.13.2012)
Dearest Braxton,

How is it that you're already EIGHT months old? You have been a very busy boy this month. Here are some highlights: 

Mobility: You continue to love your Johnny Jump-Up and exersaucer. You are an expert at sitting up unassisted but have started to become bored with that. Now you like to bend your body in half and suck on your toes and then plop on your tummy. You proceed to "think" about slithering or crawling but then think it's easier to roll onto your back. Little man, if you want to start crawling or moving faster, rolling on your back is not the way to go. You'll learn. ;)

Eating: You are still nursing exclusively - about five times a day. You're still a fast one, and mommy thanks you. Ten minutes tops - good boy! :) You also eat food twice a day - typically a fruit with some oatmeal/cereal for lunch and then a veggie mix with some cereal for dinner. Mommy is getting closer to having you try yogurt, but it's difficult to find plain, full fat yogurt in this town! I think you'll like it for breakfast mixed with some fruit, or for lunch. You love fruit and veggie mixes, and mommy has a ball concocting yummy foods for you to eat! Your new faves this month: pears, blueberries, green beans, peas. You also tried puffs and like them! You love how they melt on your tongue. 

Babbling: You have really started to babble this month - the usual vowel sounds - but throw in a da-da or a ma-ma in there, too. I swear you were screaming ma-ma when you were out of your ear tube surgery and I was walking back to get you! :) You're also teething - always in the process of teething - but none have poked through yet. Any day now....the slobber is telling me so. 

Other Highlights: You love to clap your hands and play "So Big!". You also love snuggling with your sis until she takes a toy or starts pounding on your head with something (I'd be upset, too). You also love playing in the kitchen with mommy's bowls and spoons and spatulas. Perhaps your favorite thing to do is chew on books, turn the pages while we read, and smack balls together. Pretty soon you'll be throwing them (with your left hand, maybe?! So far you've been left-hand dominant.) You also wear anywhere from 12-18 month clothing and are still in Size 3 dipes (hang on to this size, buddy - the other sizes don't have as many in a package for the same price). 

We love you, little man! 

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