Sunday, June 10, 2012

Little Man's Little Surgery

Braxton is going in for surgery first-thing tomorrow morning. He's (finally) having tubes put in his ears after several months of ongoing fluid in the ears, infection, and a ruptured ear drum. The little guy seriously has had more problems with his ears for more than half of his life already. He's almost 8 months - pretty young to be having this surgery - but it's time, as he's starting to babble and verbally communicate with us and we don't want his inability to hear well affect his verbal skills. 

My eyes were opened at our consult appointment with the ENT doc last week. They did a test that showed how much fluid was in his ears and how that was (and would) affect his hearing if he didn't get them treated. I'm thankful that we're getting the tubes put in before Brax has any type of hearing problems or permanent loss.

It'll be interesting to see how he reacts to 100% hearing out of both ears. Can't wait to see another part of his world "open" up! (That, and we hope this allows more frequent nights of sleeping 8-10 hours straight instead of getting up every 3-4 hours!)

In the meantime, please pray for the little guy and for us, as he will have some anesthesia as part of the procedure. This makes mama a bit nervous. Looking forward to lots of post-procedure snuggles with little man tomorrow! (and who can resist this good-looking fella with a cute shirt and leg rolls?!)

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John and Jenilee O'Neal said...

good luck tomorrow! Don't know if anyone warned you, but Braxton may come out of anesthesia MAD! Both Morgan and Carter woke up mad afterwards, but I was much better prepared for it with Carter. Morgan wouldn't nurse, take a bottle, drink from a sippy cup, and was pretty much inconsolable. I was horrified and so upset, wondering what was wrong with my baby (she too was 8 months) that was perfectly happy when they took her from me. No one explained it to me until the follow-up with Dr. Epp 2 weeks later. Carter was also mad, but knowing what was going on helped me console him better and not be as upset. They are pretty much themselves again that day, after a good nap :)