Wednesday, June 20, 2012

What An Honor!

Last night I had the great honor of being recognized as one of the "20 Under 40 Rising Stars" in Hutchinson. It was an amazing experience to be grouped together with such incredible young leaders in Hutchinson and Reno County! I'm not one for recognition (this post is really awkward, but again - it's a journal and I'd probably journal this in a cheesy diary post)...but it was really weird to open up the paper this morning and see your pic front and center (although I was hugging one of the dearest, sweetest ladies I know - Mrs. Bolton, my high school Spanish teacher, who also happened to be one of the nice individuals who nominated me).

I will say this - these types of awards shouldn't be given to individuals, but rather the armies lifting them up along the way: hubs for his unconditional love, support, and being my go-to teammate; my parents for being great role models and living proof of hard work, loyalty and dedication; my co-workers who are more like family and really allow me to LOVE my career - and not think of it as a job; and above all, my amazing Lord who sovereignly put me in this position in life, in this career, and blessed me with the skills it takes to do my job. (okay, enough of sounding like a speech....sheesh!)

Hutchinson, we have some AMAZING young leaders! It was a privilege being a part of this inaugural group and I cannot wait to see who all is recognized year after year - there are definitely more than 20, that's for sure!

 Hubs and I enjoying a pic being taken of just the TWO of us - and even better, a few hours of 
adult-only time! (those with young babies know this never happens!)

Being silly - and I have to say, I thank my 22-pound son for the guns. :)

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Jen Gehring said...

Congratulations AMY! You totally deserve this for all of your hard work! Much love!