Sunday, July 1, 2012

A Happy Medium

As you all know, Braxton has been suffering from ear problems ever since he was about three months old. In early June, after a visit to our pediatrician and the ENT doc, it was confirmed that he would benefit best from tubes being put in his ears.

We did the tubes and looked forward to better nights of sleep, a happier baby overall, and a little guy who could hear us better.

We got one out of three (and it isn't the first two!).

Since his procedure three weeks ago, Brax's night-time sleep patterns have digressed horribly. We have a few "good" nights here and there (typically waking up anywhere from 2-3 a.m. to eat and then again 3-4 hours later), but it's definitely in the minority. He's now waking up at midnight and again at 1, 1:30, 2 - it goes on and on. We try to have him cry it out, but after 15 minutes of wailing, enough is enough. During the day, our usually laid-back little man has been struggling with the crankies lately.

Now, I believe there are several things happening here: 1. we're making him "tough" it out more at bedtime and not rushing in right away (we did that before because we knew his ears were hurting); 2. he's getting ready to crawl any second - and if he's like our oldest, sleep tends to suffer during major milestones such as this; 3. he's getting super duper close to a tooth (or teeth) sprouting through - as evidenced with his lack of nursing and eating in general and super fussy behavior during the day.

However, curious me wanted some additional insight. We decided to call our neighbors - who happen to be chiropractors - to get their insight. Dr. Andrea happens to specialize in babies and children, as well as nutrition, so I sought out her advice. She asked lots of in-depth questions - even going back to my pregnancy and labor/delivery, and then showed me some things I could work on with Brax. She checked and worked on his neck, head, and body with a variety of exercises. She also talked about some things to possibly change or at least be mindful of in our routine - including his diet and noting when and what he eats throughout the day and then noting his sleep patterns that night. She also happened to look in his ears and they were (phew!) clear and tubes looking good. (we worried, as he had been tugging lately)

I'm simply trying to find the happy medium in care for our children. I love, love, love our pediatrician and the care we receive from him and the other amazing doctors at the Hutch Clinic. But I also want some additional insight and input when it comes to other possibilities or remedies - perhaps the more natural route (and no, I'm not talking about bulking up on vitamins, supplements, or taking things entirely away from my children). I believe there's balance and a place for both doctors.

What's your take on the peds vs. chiropractor/more natural route? Is there such a thing as finding that happy medium?

Stay tuned!

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