Sunday, July 22, 2012

The Last Two Weeks at the Conkling Casa....

 It was nerd day at the pool (Mommy had no clue that daddy dressed up the sweet babes until this pic showed up on facebook - how cute is this? Love him so!)

Mackie, Brax, and I went to our first rodeo ever! (In the 106 degree heat, mind you!) Mackie loved, loved, loved going to "the radio" in Pretty Prairie. She had her first pony ride on Tonto the horse and yelled at him to "talk" more.

We took family pics (again, in the 106 degree heat - are we suckers or what?!). It was actually quite nice, as our fave photog, Jen, chose a fun, secret location in the shade. These are just a few snapshot - more to come!

Mackie started joining us for our morning runs in the BOB. We all went out as a family this week (it was soooo nice to be running together!), and Jack and I let Mackie out for the last 1/4th mile to run. She squealed with delight the entire time and when we crossed the "finish line," she said how much she loved it! We did it again later in the week, this time with Nikes (see above pic). It was a step up from her first efforts, when she did her run in a pj shirt, panties, and her princess slippers. :)

We finished up a two-week stint at swim lessons - with both kids! Special thanks to my mama who stepped in for a few days to help while I was at work. Each kid needed a parent and so Jack and I were busy with our little fish! Mackie loves the water and wanted to jump and swim underwater "like a mermaid" the entire time. Brax, meanwhile, has a mean frog kick (the poor chubby legs can't flutter kick!) and is definitely laid-back in the water. Doesn't hate it, doesn't love it, just is there, soakin' up the sun and enjoying a cool "bath." :)

Phew - I'm tired just thinking about all that we did. And that doesn't include the day-to-day and heavy workloads that seem to consume our time this summer!

Here's to another fun-filled week. We're hosting cousins this weekend!

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