Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Braxton Cade: 10 Months

Braxton Cade,

Due to your sister's third birthday, your 10-month update is a day delayed (sorry, dude!). I guess this is what happens when you're both born on the same day of the month. It's nice for mama to remember, though, as my memory has faded very quickly since your arrival. 

What a blur of a month! I apologize in advance for not writing as many milestones on your calendar this month. I have taken some pics, but not near enough. They tell me this was going to happen when you arrived, but I fought hard and didn't want to believe them. Well, life won out this month and I'll do my best to update your baby book and calendar in the weeks ahead! 

This month, you had some HUGE milestones (and frustrations!):

Mobility: You are now CRAWLING! We had your cousins over a few weekends ago, and I swear by Monday you were crawling all over the place. You started at 9 1/2 month - just like your sister! Now you're all over the place and getting into everything. Though it's much more work, I love it. You stick everything in your mouth that you find on the floor, too. I've dug more things out of there than I ever did with your sister - leaves, glittery beads, Lego pieces, and you've even managed to get your paci wedged into your mouth. I don't know how that happens. 

You also mastered pulling yourself up and banging everything against your crib. This happens when you should be taking a nap or dozing off to sleep at night. (see below) 

Feeding: You're starting to wean and my body is feeling it. You eat 5 times a day, typically 4-5 hours in between and (usually!) at least a 7-hour stretch at night. We love to have 8 hours, and last night you went a whopping 10 hours, but it's a work in progress. You've started to do more finger foods, which is nice so I don't feel like a short order cook. You like turkey, cheese, cottage cheese, peas, cooked carrots, green beans, peaches, pears, and anything else I can dice up. You're also a fan of Ritz crackers. Grandma had the "smart" idea to try mac/cheese last weekend when you spent the night - it backed you up clear until yesterday! You're still eating some baby food purees, but I'm in the in between stage of making it. Our supply is running out and you eat so much on your own that I may just make small batches of a few things or play it by ear. You've also taken a liking to some of the organic baby food pouch meals that I buy for the sitter and when we're out and about. Mama likes them as you're getting some good proteins, whole grains, and veggies/fruit and can actually read ALL  of the ingredients on the package!

You tried some sips of whole milk this weekend from the sippy (with the doc's approval) and gagged on it. We think it was because you had a big lunch. We'll see what you think in a few days when we try again. We're mainly doing this to complement mama's depleting milk supply and to get you used to the sippy cup. You really don't have any problems with it like someone else we know (initials MC!).

Sleep: You still have us confused and we go to bed each night not knowing what to expect. Case in point: Last night you screamed for an hour. We couldn't do anything to console you - swaddling, rocking, changing dipe, teething meds, music. We finally settled you down enough to cry yourself to sleep and you slept another 4 hours and were super hungry.

You're starting to test us at naptime, too. (perhaps we're finally getting those teeth or just going through this tough transition time?!). You have loved the swaddle but it's just not working anymore. Neither is the sleep sack. That said, we're trying to wean you from these and put you down with a blanket and your lovie and paci. You then proceed to wake up several times, banging on the crib and can't figure out how to lay back down. It's a good test of patience and resilience, little man.

Size: We don't know how much you weigh or how tall you are, but you're definitely trimming up. (see pic below) Yes, those fat rolls are still there but they're getting smaller and smaller (tear!) Mama loves your fat rolls, son. This just shows me that you're starting to get out of the baby stage and become a bigger boy.

You're also getting out of the 12-month clothes and venturing into the 12-18 month size range. I'm secretly hoping (secret's out!) that you hold off and don't grow as fast as last year, mainly because I have some really cute outfits in the 12-18 month range for fall and early winter. Please at least stay in them until at least December and winter-time, when I have plenty of 24-month clothes for you, too! :)

Personality: You're still a pretty laid-back dude (minus the sleeping part). You take your sister's kisses, pokes, hugs, and pushes in stride. I have a feeling you're going to sit on her in the near future and she'll shape up. You have a great smile and laugh that can melt a million hearts. You have some close friends in the church nursery who you love, plus two little girls (plus big sis!) at the sitter's house who you adore, too. 

Love you, little man. May you become a leader who loves and fears the Lord!

- Mama

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