Friday, August 31, 2012

Hash tags of Humility

If I were twitterin' (which I do, from time to time - follow me at MamaOnTheRun33!), here's what my humility hash tags would say these days (I added spaces - gasp! - so you could actually read and understand them!):

#Thinking I have this mommy thing all figured out.

#Only to have my sweet baby boy throw us into utter confusion when it comes to sleep habits - for the 10th month in a row.

#And to have my sweet baby girl turn 3 and turn into a diva. Not cool, little miss.

#Fighting the floods of anger that sweep over my body when things aren't going 'my' way.

#Only to realize my selfishness and get down on my knees.

#And thank God for His continuous mercy over my sinful, wretched heart.

#Only to get frustrated an hour later and completely forget God's mercy and grace while I snap at my husband. (who, by the way, is AMAZING!)

#And to get back to praying - again- for this sinful, wretched heart and for the Holy Spirit to continually refine it.




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