Thursday, August 16, 2012

Mackie's 3rd Birthday Party: Rainbow Style

We celebrated Mackie's 3rd birthday party with family on the Sunday before her birthday. I had been on Pinterest earlier this summer and came across some cute rainbow ideas, thus the theme. We had fun looking for decoration inspirations on clearance at Hobby Lobby and finding other items around the house that we could use for the party. 

Here are a few snippets of the rainbow party - and how I did it pretty low cost and low maintenance:

1. Cupcake/candy bar: I knew that many of guests were wee little ones - meaning: sticky fingers and messy hands during dinner and dessert time. That said, I opted for a $1 throw-away sky blue tablecloth from Walmart (gasp! I actually stepped foot in the store and was pleasantly surprised by their party aisle!) and rested easy knowing that our brand new table was protected. I centered the table with cheap scrapbook paper from Hobby Lobby (with a 50% discount) that I was going to use for something else, but ran out of time. 

I opted for rainbow-themed candy of colorful twizzlers (definitely for show - not for taste!), Skittles, and sour gummy strips and worms. I'll talk about the fun cupcakes later!

2. Tissue Paper Flowers: Another Pinterest idea - but I'd definitely do it a bit differently and take more time to evenly fluff the flowers before hanging if I do them again. I purchased different colored tissue paper for a $1/each at Hobby Lobby. Jack then strung and hung them with clear fishing line and we gently scotch-taped them onto the ceiling.

3. Rainbow cupcakes: The original plan was to make seven different cakes and dye them each a color of the rainbow, then stack and frost. This mama ran out of time, though, with a huge special event the week before Mackie's birthday (you all know this happens every year!), so I went with Plan B. (and sooooo glad I did!)

I found these rainbow sour strips at the pool concession stand and cut them in thirds. I cheated and went the cream cheese fluffy frosting route from the store with added almond extract for a homemade type of feeling to it. I dyed most of it sky blue, but left some for the wisps of clouds. I was pleasantly surprised with how cute they turned out. (My decorating skills are known to be sketchy - especially on limited sleep!)

I was most excited about the steal of a deal on the plates the cupcakes were on. I found these on super-duper clearance at Hobby Lobby for $3 each. You can't beat that for nice ceramic plates that I plan on using over and over again!

4. Mantle: I didn't get a good shot of the mantle, but I found a cute rainbow-floral garland at Walmart for $1.50. I then showcased Mackie's party invite (free from my Pampers points at!) and then framed her last three pics we get taken before her birthday. Quick, easy, simple, and not too gawdy.

5. Party Favor Bags: I had a coupon to some party stuff at Target and purchase the bags and some balloons and rainbow candles for $3 total. They were the perfect compliment and take-away gift for cousins! (we put fruit snacks, star erasers, stickers, and pixy stix inside)

 6. Birthday outfit: And last but not least...the cute outfit for the cute birthday girl. My sweet friend, Dana (check out her shop at Shop 307 on Facebook!) made Mackie her darling rainbow-necklace tee, while I found the cute skirt on clearance at Target for $3.

And I can't resist a cute pic of little brother getting in on the balloon action! These have been his entertainment all week. Seriously. The kid could play with them for hours (and I'm not complaining!). Doesn't he look like he's about ready to burst with excitement?!

So there you have it! Party planning on the (somewhat) cheap. It's how we roll in this house!

Next up: Brax's "Take Me Out to the Ballgame" baseball-themed party for his 1st birthday. It's not until Oct. 13 but I'm already plotting! :)

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