Sunday, August 19, 2012

Mama on the Run Musings: Mojo is (Slowly) Coming Back!

As I've written about before, I am so excited for friends and family who have recently caught the running bug. That said, I get a lot of questions - the same ones I had (and still have!) when I started running more frequently in college.

I'm going to do my best and have a fun Mama on the Run Monday Musings with y'all. That said, please understand that this sleep-deprived mommy of two has manic Mondays and doesn't always have time to hop on the blog between babies, Bible time, work, a house to tend to, dinners to make, laundry to fold, and of course - miles to run! But I'm gonna try....because I think it would be fun to talk with y'all on all things running, exercise, health and wellness, nutrition, etc. I have some other ideas to branch out - but first I need to establish some roots. :)

I'm excited to announce that my running mojo is (slowly) coming back. Several weeks ago I wrote that my mojo went missing - somewhere in between this spring and summer with hot temps, little sleep (thanks to little man), some family trials (you remember the Facebook "incident", right?!), blah, blah, blah.

I took my missing mojo as a time to "just" run - a liberating and freeing experience. I didn't have a plan, didn't worry if I couldn't make my desired amount of mileage, and even slowed down the pace and did some run-walks when the body was just too tired.

Now, though, as the weather cools down and people are talking about their upcoming long runs as they prepare for races, I'm starting to get that jittery, wanna-train-and-race kind of feeling.

Last night I took a look at (a great race calendar, if you're ever interested!) and started to "plot" out some fun and/or unique races that I may consider doing. I've never done the Turkey Trot (10-miler) the Saturday before Thanksgiving in Wichita. I also saw a fun 15K at Tanganiyka that I may consider in a few weeks if the schedule allows. And then there's looking ahead into the spring races as I seriously contemplate whether or not I want to conquer another 26.2 miles the year I turn 30!

This afternoon, as I scheduled out the week with menu plans, errands to run, work to-dos, and house cleaning projects, I couldn't help but also create a more defined running plan and mileage to shoot for this week - and that includes the re-introduction of a Saturday morning "long" run!

So all of you running mamas (and daddies! and young marrieds! and singles!) out there - here are some weekly highlights that I'd like to conquer this week, running-wise:

- Two days of 4.5-5.5 milers (tempo-style) with stretching and core work
- One day of long cross training
- One day of 3-4 miles with strength training
- One day of short cross training/high intensity training -or- running speed work with strength moves
- One day of long run - 7-9 miler  (I'm starting out with this distance and will work up to double-digits in the near future!)

And because running/exercise go hand in hand with nutrition, I have a few goals for this week as well:

- Only 2 cans of diet soda the entire week - plan wisely! (gasp! A shock to many, I tend to like my Diet DP or Diet Coke sometimes too much when I'm sleep-deprived. Notice I didn't mention taking coffee away, though! I'm more focused on taking away the desire for nasty artificial sugar.)
- Cook family dinner at least five nights this week. (We can now do this more easily since Jack is done with the pool and we're back on a "normal" fall schedule. I'm excited to try a few new recipes this week!)
- Eat fish at one of these meals. (It's a struggle to get myself and hubs/the babes to jump on board with fish. We're going to ease in with fish tacos - something Jack and I both like, but I always forget to make).
- Cut off the eating after 8 p.m. (I tend to graze or aimlessly eat in front of the tv on those nights that I feel like a snack after the kids are in bed.)

Anyone have running highlights you'd like to share this week? Go get 'em!

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