Thursday, August 9, 2012

Nighttime Woes

Brax hasn't been a consistently good night sleeper since his war problems began at 3 months of age.

After six months of little sleep, ear tubes, dr visits, and chiropractor appointments, we came to terms about a month ago that he wasn't going to be a great sleeper and would work with him and patiently wait for him to (hopefully) outgrow it.

Well...he's thrown another curve ball at us.

The last several nights he has woken up at 2am and will not...and I mean will consoled until an hr later I finally cave and nurse him. We worked hard to get him to an 8 hr feeding stretch and now that he's eating solids and getting a variety of foods and consistent breast milk throughout the day, I really don't think he's hungry. But what else do you do after an hour of crying, screaming baby when CIO, swaddling, singing, "drugs", and any other soothing method doesn't work?

Any input from you mamas out there? My dr has given me the green light to slowly introduce whole milk as I continue the weaning process. I think I may give him a tiny amount before bed, right after dinner and a nursing session. I hope this tides him over more, but in the back of my mind I can't help but think that it doesn't matter what I feed him, he will wake up anyway.

Tiredness makes me crazy...and cranky. Here's to more patience as I pray this little man grows out of this 7-month sleeping funk soon!


Lindsay Y. said...

It could just be a major growth spurt Amy. Sorry, I don't have any advice other than to either stick it out and pray he is just growing and this will stop, or let him cry-it-out....

Kristen said...

Oh Amy I feel for you, it can be so frustrating especially when they once went a full night without feeding. I'm certainly not one to give advice as my 1 year old is now waking up 1 or 2 times per night, but you could try a sippy of water in his bed or a pacifier to see if he just wants to suck.

At this point with Nora we're just trying to survive since she won't drink anything but breast milk, but if all he needs is some sucking comfort a sippy cup might do the trick.

Something I remind myself daily is this is just a phase (albeit a long one :) they will sleep through the night eventually.