Thursday, September 13, 2012

Braxton Cade: 11 Months Old!

Dearest Braxton Cade,

How is it that you're only one month away from turning ONE?! ONE!! That's really not a baby anymore, if you tell me. In four short weeks, you'll be weaned (or mommy can hope - you still like to eat at 3 a.m.!), probably walking, probably (finally) getting that first tooth in, and probably learning more words to babble.


Can't I just stop time and make you stay my little (big) man forever? I seriously think this is the fastest 11 months has ever gone by. We just mailed out your birthday invites to your 1st birthday baseball bash and are looking at convertible car seats for you to use when you get to turn around with your sister in the car.

Again, sigh.

But in the meantime, here's what you've been up to as you enter your 11th month of life!

Sleep: Ugh. That's really how we can describe your sleep patterns this last month. The cycle of inconsistency continues, with some big-time sleep struggles in recent weeks. Your little brain has been learning so much that it just doesn't know how to shut off and get some shut-eye. There have been a few days where you haven't slept much at night and don't take naps. How is this possible? Mommy and daddy (and big sis!) sure need - and like - their sleep. We keep plugging away and trying every.trick.possible!

Eats: You are eating mostly table foods now with 4-5 nursing sessions in a day. You typically nurse at: 7 a.m., 11 a.m., 3 p.m., 7 p.m. and then again at 3-4 a.m. We've slowly started introducing cow's milk, but you despise it. We're sneaky, though, and mix it in with mama's milk when she's at work and you take the bottle at the sitter's. You seem to like it because it's warmer that way - something with you and cold drinks. (with the exception of cold water, which you guzzle!)

We hardly to baby purees (mama stopped making big batches of the good sad!) because you are great with finger foods. (one exception: when we're out and about or at the sitter's - sometimes it's just easier to pack!). New foods you've tried this last month are: whole wheat noodles, mac & cheese, edammame, grapes (cut up really small, you worry-some mamas!), watermelon, cucumbers, roast beef, turkey, and eggs. You love all of your old stand-bys, too. Definitely blessed with two kiddos who aren't too picky and love their fruits and veggies!

Movement: I'm amazed at all you can do now! You slowly started crawling at about 9.5 months and picked up steam. You're a quick one these days and have even taken a liking to crawling up the stairs (and down a few without completely nose-diving). You also love to stand and toddle around on the furniture. You've mastered the walking toy in recent days and will soon be walking! (the bumps and bruises on your face are proof!)

Attitude: People still can't believe that you give us so much trouble during sleep-times because you are just too darn HAPPY! You're so happy-go-lucky (see pic above!) and have the cutest little giggle. You're a tough dude, too, as you take your sis's hits, hugs that are often times a bit abrasive, and the usual falls that one takes on when they're trying to walk.

Language: You're starting to babble an incredible amount, namely during diaper changes and when you do decide to sleep and wake up happy. Ma-ma is at the top of your list, with da-da a close second and a lot of jumbled phrases after that. You giggle and squeal with delight when sis is around and we're all paying attention to you. We're also continuing the baby sign language, especially when you're in the high chair.

Favorites: You love your sister and doing anything she is doing (or playing with). You love her dolls (shhh...don't tell daddy!). You love whacking things with your toy hammer or playing with your tools. You love Tupperware lids and wooden spoons and clanking them together, all while pulling every magnet off of the fridge. You love toilet paper rolls and undoing the entire thing and eating clumps in between. You love books but don't let us read but a page or two before it goes into your mouth with a death grip. (amazing, considering you don't have any teeth yet!)

Firsts: You survived your first State Fair this month (twice!), your sister's birthday party, and enjoyed some one-on-one time with mommy as the big sis went to preschool for the morning.

Again, it's hard to believe that in one month I'll have a one-year-old. You'll always be my baby....just hard to grasp that you'll won't be needing to be carried around everywhere. (Lord, help me during basketball season - I'll have TWO movers!)

Love you, little man! May you grow up to love the Lord Jesus with all of your heart, all of your mind, and all of your strength.

- Mama

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