Sunday, September 2, 2012

Mackie's Belated Birthday Post - The Goods

My apologies for the delay in getting more of Mackie's 3rd birthday party pics up here! These are the best ones (at least for her!), because they're of "the goods" - all of the loot she picked up from her amazing family and friends, plus some gifts from mommy, daddy, and little bro.

Leading up to the big birthday party. Love the excitement on her face!

About to open gifts. Let's get this party started!

Princess clippies, bracelets, and other accessories from Great Grandma/Papa.

Cinderella dress (that lights up!) from Grandma/pa Scaliwag, plus sparkly Tom's from Uncle Andy and Sydney.

The dollhouse - er, mansion! - from Grandma/Papa Preston. This baby is complete with a baby grand piano that plays music, a flushing toilet, a lit lampshade, and an elevator. Amazing!

Daddy and Mackie on her birthday - before opening more gifts!

A pink scooter and princess helmet from mommy and daddy!

A princess fishing pole from mommy and daddy, complete with a trip out to a friend's pond to go fishing with daddy!

Mommy and Mackie enjoying some birthday giggles! Love my sweet baby girl. 

Brax-man getting in on the birthday action. He loved lugging around the fishing pole when sister wasn't looking!

It's still hard to believe that we now have a three-year-old and preschooler. Mackie will start her own "preschool" next week! She'll be going to my office's Wee Wigglers program. It's a great ease-in to a regular preschool program, meeting one morning a week and giving her some great social/education time while Brax and I can enjoy some time together. 

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Lindsay Y. said...

Happy birthday Miss Mackie!! Addie can't wait to meet you - super soon!! She loves playing with dollies and stuffed animals, too - you two should have plenty to talk about! :-)