Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Mama on the Run Monday Musings - Pardon My MIA!

I apologize for being a day late in this post. I'm just - well, you know - a bit busy with this thing called a RACE on Sunday!

Believe you me, it's much MUCH easier to run the darn thing than to plan it. Trust me.

And make sure you show some love to race coordinators and volunteers at the races you attend. It takes a lot - A LOT - of work and details to pull a successful race off. Lots of hours, lots of late nights and early mornings, and lots of fires to be put out. But isn't that the FUN of it?! (yes, Amy, yes it is - keep telling yourself this!). :)

Which leads me to this question on this week's post:

How do you keep an exercise/running routine in the busiest of weeks?! 

It's all about prioritizing and making a list! Each Sunday (or Saturday, sometimes), I go through my calendar and make out a weekly agenda based on the appointments, meetings, and work that needs to get done in the next seven days. This includes Bible time, work time, running/exercise time, dinners, etc, etc. (I should seriously show you a pic of the to-do of the to-do lists! I LOVE it!)

I'm typically a morning gal when it comes to working out. On busier weeks, I make sure to get that workout in and modify. Take for instance, yesterday. I had a radio interview in the middle of what normally is my running time in the morning. So I set out a few minutes early to get a good two miles in and then called in for my radio interview while walking, and then set out for the other miles to get home and have a good 4-mile run in plus another mile walk in. I then squeezed in some strength moves the last 10-15 minutes of nap time. (sometimes I do them when little man wakes up and little miss is still sleeping)

I also rely on doubling up workouts, for example: This morning I wanted to run 5-6 miles, but only had time for 3-4. So I did my 4 miles and hope to go out with the kids in the jogger later this afternoon for a few more miles.

It's all about priorities and balance - and knowing that you can't do IT ALL during really really busy times. (But also realizing that you shouldn't just throw in the towel and not do anything!).

I also plan out dinners that will be easy to make or in the crock-pot or using up leftovers since I know that I'll be pressed for time (not to mention tired from the longer hours!) and won't want to take more time to plan a meal.

This week's meals include: Crockpot Mexican Chicken, Spaghetti with Sauce and Broccoli (beef already browned, just ready to be thrown into sauce), Chicken Enchilada Casserole (chicken already cooked, just need to whip up the casserole night before and stick it in the fridge), Chili (from the freezer - made a double-batch last week since I knew I'd be pressed for time!), and we are going to do a Papa Murphy's pizza night with veggies/dip and fruit.

This week's workouts/running schedule include:
Monday - Run 4 miles and strength/stretch, plus 1-mile walk
Tuesday - Run 4 miles (morning), hoping to go out after naps for another 2-3 miles run/walk with jogger
Wednesday - Run 4 miles (morning) with strength/stretch (later in the day)
Thursday - XT day or rest day (depending if I can get up early enough - may be a quick 30-min workout video downstairs in the a.m.)
Friday - Run RFR course - 13.1 miles! - with fellow coordinator and volunteers
Saturday - Easy day of 2-4 miles, stretching and getting ready for the race!
Sunday - RACE DAY (up at 3 a.m.!) and hopefully taking a nap around 1:30 p.m. (crossing fingers!)

Happy Race Week to all my fellow mamas competing this weekend in their first 13.1 mile journeys! Enjoy every mile and remember to do it all for God's glory! (and look up when you cross the finish line so your pic shows you beaming!)

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