Monday, September 24, 2012

Mama on the Run Monday's Musings: Race Day!

Congrats to all of my fellow mamas who conquered their big races this past weekend! We ALL did it! I sure wish I could have doubled myself and ran our Run for the Rocks Half Marathon as well as coordinate it. We couldn't have asked for a better course and weather! 

 My sweet hubs does a LOT for me on event day (and the days leading up to it). Today - he served the role as lead biker and then picked up pretty much the entire course with my co-worker. Love him!

Fellow coordinator and running mama, Amanda, at the start line. We made it!

I'm walking on cloud nine this morning as we had terrific turn-out, amazing volunteers, and wonderful community support. I'm also thrilled that the "Big Three" - Firecracker 5K, Salty Dog Triathlon, and Run for the Rocks Half Marathon (all of which are done in July, August, and September and about 5-6 weeks apart), are DONE for 2012! Hello, vacation and jumping on my fun marketing to-do list. (I love, love, LOVE the marketing side of my job and am looking forward to focusing more on it!)

I'm also feeling re-energized and raring to go for a race. Maybe it's because my sweet son is sleeping more and more during the night. (who knew 6-7 hours of straight sleep felt so GOOD?!) Maybe because my body is getting ready to wean (another post) and I'm feeling lighter and "free-er." And maybe it's because I enjoyed seeing so many friends and running pals conquer their fears of running a half for the first time or getting a PR on a fantastic day. 

I'm researching a full marathon for this coming spring. There is a lot to consider (more darkness during the morning/evening hours when it's most reasonable to run, Jack's basketball coaching schedule) but I really think it would be more pleasant to run long miles in the late winter/early spring months rather than the late summer when Kansas heat has been killer these last few years. I'm thinking a late April or May full so I have some time in late February and March to do the longer distances, when the threats of sleet, snow, and ice aren't as high (though we Kansans know this is always a possibility through late April/early May!). 

In the meantime, I'm enjoying my week to week running routine and will be racing in the Turkey Trot 10-miler in mid-November. 

Here's the week plan:
Monday (today): Ran 4.75 miles + strength/core/stretch
Tuesday: 4-6 miles
Wednesday: XT day
Thursday: 4-8 miles (VACAY DAY!)
Friday: 2-3 miles with walking and light stretching/strength
Saturday: Long 8-10 miler 
Sunday: Off/Rest

The week kicked off with Jack working late both tonight and tomorrow, so supper is a bit off. I don't really have a plan for these two days, as it's more difficult when hubs (the big eater of the four) is gone. I'll make do with the kids and then we'll pick back up to a nice, new meal on Wednesday. I'm thinking it'll be a good week for: Crockpot pot roast w/veggies, Mexican chicken pasta, Breakfast, and soup of some kind. 

To everyone out there now in recovery mode - keep on listening to your bodies! Personally speaking - after a longer race such as a 10-miler and above, I tend to keep it easy the week after the race. Sometimes I'll take several days off of running if I'm feeling burned out. Sometimes I'll just do light running without looking at time/distance. Do what works for you! And relish in your victory! Enjoy this "non-schedule" time of running....and then maybe consider signing up for another race! 

Happy Monday!

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