Monday, September 3, 2012

Mama on the Run Monday's Musings: Running with the Kidlets

Happy Labor Day!

I don't know about you, but I just love, love, love running on a holiday! There's something so relaxing and energizing about starting the day off with a good sweat session.

This morning the kids let us sleep in until 7:15 a.m.(gasp!), so I didn't make it out until almost 8 a.m. This normally isn't a huge problem (especially on a holiday!), but with the temps soaring into the 100's and humidity making it feel like 105, it was good to get out when we did today.

There are days (like today!) when it's fun to bring the kids along on the run by choice and not by necessity. As y'all know, I love my joggers. I'll save money on baby gear, kids clothes, and clip coupons so I can splurge (and justify!) on my fancy schmancy baby jogger. We received the BOB Ironman single stroller as a gift when we were expecting Mackie, and then found a (super sweet!) deal on a BOB Duallie Revolution stroller last summer when little man was on the way. We love, love, love BOB brand! They're not cheap, but they're the BEST when it comes to durability, lightweight feel, and comfort on the babes while they're out and about with their mommy or daddy (or both). 

 The view from my 5-miler this morning - love my running partners! 

When both mommy and daddy want to run and you don't want to waste your entire morning working out, Jack and I have come up with a pretty awesome solution. I go out while the kids are eating breakfast, so daddy's on duty. He then gets the kids strapped in the stroller and meets me about 20-25 minutes later (I had finished 3 miles this morning as I came home to find them ready to go!) and then we run together with the BOB and kids for about 10 minutes. We then say see-ya to daddy so he can go off while mama finishes up pushing the stroller for her final few minutes of running and a cool-down walk. 

This morning's example: I ran for 26 minutes by myself before picking up Jack and the kids. We ran 1 mile together and then dropped Jack off, while I did another 1.1 run followed by about a 1-mile walk before he found us circling the 'hood. 

And then the best part.....
Mackie running! Most of the time she wants to get out during the cool-down and run beside mommy. This morning daddy was turning the corner right when we started, so she was thrilled to run alongside him!

I can't stress enough how having a baby jogger can make your running routine feasible - and perhaps even strengthen it! You don't have the excuse of paying for a babysitter or waiting for a spouse to get home before you take off. Or, if you're like me and need to get out of the house (kids driving ya crazy!), or they need a little help falling asleep (raising hand here!), or you just need some fresh air and a stress-relief, it's a great option. get an awesome resistance training workout! Studies have shown that you burn extra calories pushing a jogger. (as if you didn't know!) I know that my arms and legs are a tad more tired after pushing my 55+ pounds of babes plus the stroller! :)

Most importantly, when you include your kids in your fitness efforts, it rubs off onto them. (see above!) Mackie love, love, loves getting out and running alongside her mama or daddy. She giggles with delight and can't wait to cross the "finish line" (our mailbox). I'm sure Brax will be the same way in the coming months. 

Now, onto the important stuff - the weekly plan! How is everyone doing with their fitness endeavors? How are my marathon/half-marathon/10K mamas doing as they near their races? It's taper time - remember to listen (LISTEN!) to your bodies and know that it's normal to feel sluggish and like you need to go out for a run. But also remember that your body needs that rest and time to store energy for the big race ahead! I'll try to include some things I like to do during the taper weeks in next week's post. I definitely feel that my early races in my running "career" could have gone faster and been much better had I actually tapered correctly and not given in to those urges to run a lot of miles in the week or two before a big race. 

Here's this week's schedule: (may adjust/switch around due to scheduling)
Today: 5-miler with 1-mile cool-down and some stretch/core work
Tuesday: 4-6 miler with strength exercises
Wednesday: Long cross-train (XT) session
Thursday: HIIT training downstairs while Jack's at early morning meeting
Friday: 2-4 miles easy and stretch/abs (to prep for Saturday!)
Saturday: 10-miler! (gotta love those double-digits!)
TOTAL mileage: 21-25 miles

And on the menu this week: (again, adjustments may happen, even for this type-A mama!)
Today: Crockpot Mexican Chicken over Brown Rice
Tuesday: Ravioli Casserole with Broccoli
Wednesday: Pizza Night with Veggies/Dip and Fruit
Thursday: Potato Soup with Grilled Cheese and Veggies/Fruit
Friday: Fish tacos
Saturday: Taco soup or Chili for the BIG K-State game! (plus it'll be rainy weather - at least that what they say! Nothing like rainy, fall weather for a bowl of soup!)

Here's to a GREAT week, fitness friends! Remember it's ALL for God's glory!

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