Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Weaning Woes

*Let me caution readers that if you don't want to read about the wonderful world of nursing - this post is probably not for you (MEN I'm speaking to you here!!!). The bold, underlined, italicized text should give you a heads up!!

My sweet baby boy turns the big ONE in about 2 weeks. Despite him having his own share of "troubles" (ear problems for his first 7 months of life, sleep struggles for the last 5 months of life) he really has been an awesome little one. I tend to complain too much of these troubles (I know, I've been super whiny and complain-y lately and for that, I apologize!). I've grown so much as a mommy since he was born - balancing him and big sis, learning how to take sleepless nights in stride, etc, etc.

And through it all, I'm reminded that God GRANTED me these beautiful babies of mine. He GRANTED them to me - amazing, right?! Therefore I must continually (and believe me, it's a struggle at times) pray that I would DELIGHT in the sacrifices I'm making for my children.

But that's not the (entire) reason for this post. Get to the point, Amy!

Brax - just like big sis - has been nursed exclusively since day one. No formula. No supplementing. No problems with latching on or my milk supply running low (the opposite happened in the first four months of B's life, actually - hello, icky mastitis (twice) due to too much milk!). I don't know how much formula costs (thank you, Lord, for this cost savings!), nor do I know how much is needed to make a bottle. I've carried my Medela pump with me whenever I'm away from the little man and I've nursed him in a variety of unique places while we've been out and about. (My most recent memory is me nursing him in the bathroom of the shelter building during the Salty Dog Triathlon, all while going pee, and on the phone with my volunteers to make sure they had things covered as participants crossed the finish line. Multitasking at its finest, right?!).

That being said, in two weeks I'll be saying "so long" to the pump, to the nursing bras, to the "hassles", to the frozen milk bags, to the bottles.

But I'll also be saying "so long" to one of the most amazing ways to bond with a baby. I remember crying on the morning of Mackie's first birthday as I nursed her one last time. The tears didn't last long, though, as I knew (or hoped) I'd eventually nurse another baby some day. (Plus it was such a "free-ing" moment!)

I'm taking it a bit harder this time as Brax will be the last baby I nurse. Just like all other milestones and "lasts" that come with the baby of the family, I'll miss it. And I think I'll miss this one the most. I've been his consistent supply of nutrition these last 12 months. And there's nothing like rocking a baby and singing lullabies while nursing him.

Now if only he'd take cow's milk easier (he's always been one who loves his milk HOT!) and wouldn't cry for mama's milk at 4:30 a.m. (he'll eventually stop that, right?). Weaning hasn't been the easiest, but perhaps it's because I'm holding out a bit, too. (And no, I will not be nursing him until he's 2 or 3. Not my thing, but power to the mamas out there who choose to do that!)

He's now eating only 3-4 times a day with longer hours in between. Next week he'll go down to 2-3 feedings a day (that's the plan anyway), and the following week he'll go down to 1-2 feedings a day. With each feeding I know that it's one less I'll be giving him.


But hey - at least I can look forward to wearing normal bras now!

The things we mamas do for our babes (and really, for ourselves).

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