Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween 2012

I have quickly learned that Halloween turns into a couple of days drawn out when you have little ones - especially when there is preschool, two sets of grandparents in town, and great-grands who live close by, too. 

We started our Halloween festivities yesterday during Mackie's Wee Wigglers class. Here she is - trick-or-treating with my co-workers. (It's like Halloween every time she visits - the girl knows how to get suckers and treats out of any of my fellow HRC'ers!)

After Wee Wigglers, we headed over to the great-grands house, where Mackie and Brax were spoiled with Cinderella doll and treats (Mackie) and a stuffed puppy and treats (Brax). 
Today we continued the festivities with my mom's school Halloween parade. Brax was definitely the hit with his Bill Snyder costume (once people figured it out!).  Mackie enjoyed talking with the 4th grade girls from my mom's class, as well as the donut and milk.

Mackie and Brax spent the rest of the day at Miss Tab Tab's house, where they were spoiled even more with treats and a day filled with pumpkin bowling, ghost making, and other fun games. Love our sitter!

Both sets of grands came by tonight and spoiled the kids with candy (can you see a trend?). We then were able to make our way around the neighborhood. I LOVE our neighborhood on Halloween. It's not too crazy, but busy enough to see our fellow fams out and about and knock on the doors of our favorite families throughout the 'hood. I say it every year, but it's one of the many reasons we LOVE living where we do!

Halloween has come and gone. Soon will be basketball, Thanksgiving, Cyber Monday, and Christmas. Bring on the busyness!

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