Monday, October 8, 2012

Mama on the Run Monday's Musings: Life Happens

Happy Monday!

I write this morning in a bit of a daze and wondering where in the world the weekend went - not to mention the last YEAR of my life. Braxton Cade will be ONE YEAR this coming Saturday (Oct. 13). An entire year old! Hard to believe.

What's even harder to believe is that he'll be celebrating his first birthday rockin' a purple leg cast. As I indicated in my earlier post, the little man found himself with a broken bone in his leg one week shy of his first birthday.


That being said, the latter half of this week's running "plan" had some hiccups. Life happens, right? Right. Especially when you're a mommy and trying to be the best God-honoring wife, mommy, friend, family member, employer, etc etc you can be! Back when I was married and living the glorious DINK life (double income, no kids - holla!), I used to be so so so critical of my running and exercise routine. It absorbed my life until it took over and I was one mean and nasty chick when I didn't get that 60-90 minutes of running/exercise in or I ate too much and didn't look great in my "skinny" jeans. (I use the term "skinny" loosely - ha!).

God really softened my heart, especially when I was pregnant with Mackie and couldn't run, and definitely after having Brax and living for months with sleepless nights and various health problems with the little man. It was a struggle to accept that life happens and that God is stronger, mightier, and more powerful than any run or workout!

I'm now one who accepts - and ENJOYS! - my 30-45 minutes or so of weekday exercise time, plus an extra-long workout (if I'm up for it!) on the weekend. It's my quiet time to reflect on God's amazing sovereignty, promises, and the beautiful creation around me. It's a time to push myself and release the stress or thoughts flooding my head. It's a glorious time where I can relax and return a better wife, mommy, and worker.

So....enjoy your time of fitness and running. Take advantage and thank God for the healthy body that He's granted you and the ability to keep it healthy to serve Him, your husband, and your children.

How has everyone's running routine been lately? I have a few more friends who are wrapping up their big goals of the season with a half-marathon or full marathon this coming weekend at the Prairie Fire event in Wichita. I have to say I'm a bit nostalgic this morning as it's the big "day-after" the Chicago Marathon. I remember two years ago waking up in the hotel room completely stiff and sore from my second 26.2-miler, yet so anxious to hop on a plane back to Kansas with the thought of running it again someday.

It's BIRTHDAY week around here, so I'm purposely not running my usual "longer" mileage on Saturday and taking it as more of an easy week. We have cupcakes to bake, decorating to do, and presents to wrap as I love on my sweet baby boy who's turning one! (still having a hard time swallowing that one, as he's our baby - and will stay our baby - of the family!)

Running Schedule:
Monday: Run 4 miles with strength/stretch routine
Tuesday: Run 4-5 miles (morning) and hopefully do second workout in afternoon (2-3 miles?)
Wednesday: Run easy 3-4 miles with strength/stretch routine
Thursday: XT long
Friday: Run easy 4 miles with strength/stretch routine
Saturday: Run 5-7 miles and then PARTY with my baby boy!
Total miles:  20-26 miles

Menu Planning:
We have a semi-hectic week, but nothing we can't handle with healthy dinners! Over the weekend I made a tasty pot roast comfort meal and last night we had our favorite Mexican Fettuccine. This week we'll have: Vegetable Soup with homemade biscuits, Spaghetti with Broccoli, Breakfast, Marinated Baked Chicken with Wild Rice and Veggies, and leftovers before the big birthday bash on Saturday. (baseball theme - so concession-stand inspired food!)

Have a great week - to God be the glory!

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