Monday, October 29, 2012

Mama on the Run Monday's Musings

Hello, lovely mamas out there!

How has everyone been? So sorry for the sporadic posts lately. A lot has been going on in life. Brax broke his leg (I think you know that??), but the cast comes off on Thursday!  Brax has (yet again!) been battling sleep issues. We're using the "tough love" approach this go-round as he's definitely playing us (smarty pants). You can feel the tension start to mount as 6:30 p.m. arrives and we start simmering down for the day. (or hunkering down?? It's a battle!)

Work has been a bit busier than normal for this time of year, too. Blessed to be busy!

Anyhow, one thing that hasn't been sporadic is the running routine. (Hallelujah!) I've been wavering back and forth on committing to a spring marathon. I was about 99 percent sure I was going to do the OKC Marathon at the end of April. And then this weekend happened. We had our first "official" freeze and I was out running on Saturday morning in 25 degrees. It wasn't terrible, but I can't imagine what it will be like to run long runs in colder, icier, slushier, and a bitter wind chill. I'd love to find a regional marathon in May or June if I can swing it, but it's slim pickin's. We shall continue researching. Jury is out!

Anyone else thinking about doing a spring marathon or have trained for one in Kansas winters? How in the world did you do it?! 

Now the plan is to do the Turkey Trot 10-miler and then enjoy the holiday season running amidst the family get-togethers and traditions, food, fun, and rejoicing in the majestic birth of our Lord and Savior at Christmas!

Until then, I'll be prepping for the TT with the usual weekday running and a cross training routine with some strength/stretch sessions, followed by a longer run on Saturday. The goal is to do the last "long" run of 9-10 miles this Saturday, a 6-8 miler next Saturday, and then be raring to go on Nov. 17! (we shall see!)

Have a great week ahead! Run smart and safe with the dark mornings and dark evenings we're now having. And if you're a morning runner, you can look FORWARD (as I am!) to fall-back time taking place this coming weekend. LOVE it!

To God be the Glory (and GO CATS!!),

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